Movie Quotes from Gremlins: Quotes from the movie Gremlins

1. Mr Deagle had a change of heart. He gets so setimental during the holidays. I would fired you in a second.
2. Merry Christmas to you, too

1. You haven’t seen my new apartment.
2. I haven’t seen your OLD apartment.

And that’s how I found out there was no Santa Claus.

Bright light! Bright light!

Bye, Billy.

Deagle! Deagle, Deagle, Deagle!

Deputy [pointing at Billy]: Do you think this kid is drunk, Frank?
Sheriff: No, Brent, but YOU are.

DEPUTY: I want to drive. You always get to drive!
SHERIFF: ‘Cause I’m the sheriff, asshole.

Does your father usually give you vicious little monsters for a present?

Giz, want some chicken?

Gizmo, caca!

Goddamn foreign cars!

Man [having problems with his tv]: {swears} foreign tv! I knew we should have gotten a zenith!!

MRS. DEAGLE: Mrs. Harris, the bank and I work on the same purpose: to make money, not to support a couple of little deadbeats!
MRS. HARRIS: Mrs. Deagle, it’s Christmas!
MRS. DEAGLE: Now you know what to ask Santa for, don’t you?

Never feed ’em after midnight

pete: now can i have one?….yeah, real cute


with mogwai comes great responsibility.

Would fiftey gallons be efficient? I rarely use it myself sir…it promotes rust.

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