Movie Quotes from Goodbye Pork Pie: Quotes from the movie Goodbye Pork Pie

He’s queer & I’m driving

Hear that hooter, I’m gonna get me one of those

I bet you two bucks I’ll be hanging out of her by the time we reach Wanganui.

I got an aunty that sees pink elephants

I hope your dog dies, ya snotty bitch!

Im takin this bloody car to invercargill boy

Theres only one sure thing in life Blondini, & thats doubt, I think.

Yeah I was down in the cellar, the dog made a mess I had to clean it up, third time this week.

You’ll go blind

youre getting paranoid

Page Topic: Movie Quotes from ‘Goodbye Pork Pie’: Quotes from the movie ‘Goodbye Pork Pie’

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