Movie Quotes from Girls Just Want to Have Fun: Quotes from the movie Girls Just Want to Have Fun

what I lack in substance I make up for in style

#1 He’s a guy and he’s alive. What is there to hate? #2 He’s.. err, just errr. #1 I like those qualities in a man.

(Natalie at the party) This means war!

1) By the way, why aren’t you in your pj’s? It’s after midnight 2) Oh…um….I was dreaming that I was late for school, so I got up and got dressed…and then I looked at the clock… 3) Yeah, but you wear a uniform and that’s not a uniform 4) In my dream I went to public school.

1) Excuse me, does anyone have change for a 20? 2) Gosh, I don’t have anything less than a fifty. Sorry!

1) Get your dance TV t-shirts! 2) Excuse me, do you have a permit to sell those here? 3) A permit? Sure, uh….licence? …school ID?… You know what that is! Oh here it is…. 4) It says here that you are a member of the Archie and Jugghead club 5) Hey! I’m only doing it for Veronica’s sakes!

1) Hey you looked great today! You fooled Drew. 2) Anybody can fool him!

1) Janie, please tell us why you skipped choir, lied about the Latin test, and sneaked out of the house in the middle of the night?! 2) I don’t know…3) Well, I feel better now that you’ve explained!

1) My shrink was right! I’m unloved, unappreciated…I only have one car. 2) That wacko would say anything just to get the money rollin’!

1) Nice car! I have exotic wheels myself 2) What is it? A Shiwnn 10-speed?!

1) Not so fast, Patty and I have some business to tend…the term papers are in, I have Johnson, Kennedy- 2) Oh Kennedy! He was so cute, how much? 3) A date with me 4) I’ll take Johnson.

1) Oh I forgot to tell you, Maggie called 2) Maggie Malene? 3) She says Jeff is gonna dance

1) You see, Jeff. We can’t go to the auditions in a motorcycle, we have to make a statement. And this car makes a statement 2) Yeah it says, ‘hi, I’m junk’!

1. what is it, a schwin 10 speed?
2. uhh yeah

1. what is it? A schwinn 10 speed?
2. Yeah

1:Are you tired dad? 2:Again? You broke it again? 1:I didn’t break it. It just sort of fell off.

1:I lifted music news to the level of art and you treat me like cattle 2:Moo, okay moo! 1:I quit!

And the winners are…Janie and Jeff!

Daddy! I don’t want to win the contest for me….I want to win it for you. I couldn’t stand it if those tacky kids, Janney and Jeff won….after they thrashed your party….and embarrased you in front of all your friends…and to top it all off– they ruined your beautiful silver hair…

Did you catch my dance partner? That wasn’t dancing, that was assault and battery.

Do you always do what you’re told? You do, don’t you…

Do you always do what your parents tell you to?! Oh my God, you do!!

Do you do everything you’re told? (pause) Oh God, you do.

Do you really think I’m punk. That’s incredible. Its not as good as new wave but its much cooler than pre-teen.

Don’t throw a mental, dad!

Get away from there….he’s a boy!

Get off my tail, butthead!

Grab the fire extinguisher, turn the TV up, cause its D.T.V. time.

I have a cheek ache from smiling.

I just love velcro. Next to the walkman and Tab it is the coolest inventon of the 20th century.

I lifted the music industry to the level of art, and you are treating me like cattle. #2 Moooo, mooooooooooo.

I love to dance.

I must be horney.

I saw that in three videos and a Levi’s commercial.

I wonder what time the Mash re-runs come on here?

In my dream I went to public school.

Janey, you have a phone call. It’s a boy!

Jeff Maline, machinist. I don’t see it. Jef Maline, D.T.V. regular dancer. Oh, its there in neon.

Jeff Moline, machinist. Jeff Moline, regular on DTV. Oh it’s there in neon!

Let’s flip for her.

Look I had to sneak out of choir practice to get here. It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t fun.

My dad only gave me this advice, dont read playboy before bed

Oh, excuse me, I forgot you’re the authority on warming up.

Ooh I like this, Sound of Music meets Rebel without a Cause… You’re taking a fashion risk..I like that…Just don’t do it on television.

She over did it. It was try outs for gymnastics. She hypervenilated on the uneven parallel bars. She almost spun to death. I had to pry her fingers off the bars.

Stay away from him! He’s a boy!

This is all going so well. I’m gonna get hit by a bus.

This is Rikki saying no matter how hard you try, you’ll never be as good as me.

tune in tokyo

Up your ziggy with a wa wa brush

Velcro. Next to the walkman and Tab, it is the coolest invention of the twentieth century.

Velcro. Next to the walkman and Tab it is the coolest invention ever.

We’re so cool!

Whenever I’m in a room with a guy, no matter who it is–a date my dentist, anybody–I think, If we were the last two people on Earth, would I puke if he kissed me?

whoo ( shoulders, shoulders)

You almost dropped me in the life, you distracted me in my solo, Daddy.. #2 Why don’t you just shut up.

You gotta have a skill Jeff, you gotta start earning a living sooner or later. Trade school was good enough for my father and it was good enough for me. Don’t throw a mental Dad.
God I used to like it better when you kids used to humor me.

you move, you bleed

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