Movie Quotes from Girlfight: Quotes from the movie Girlfight

1.) No Fooling around k? 2.) I thought every guy jumped at this chance….guess I’m not prize pick hey? 1.) Kisses Diana.

#1: If I catch you hanging around this bandeto again then I’ll…
#2: Then you’ll what? F*ckin’ kill me?!?

#1: If I catch you hanging around this bandeto again, then I’ll..
#2: Then you’ll what?! F*cking kill me!?

(Diana) Everyhting I learned about losing I learned from you dad!!

(Diana) Holy Sh*t!! (Merisole) What? (D) Ex-100% man to your left!
(M) {whistles} (D) Shhh!! Stop making it so obvious!

(Diana) How does it feel to see so much of yourself so close, huh?

(Diana) I love you!…I really do!!

(Diana) TINY! Lets go!

1)I hit him back didn’t I?
2)NOw you’re starting to think like a boxer.

All these years, you just looked right through me.

I couldn’t resist.

i won’t make my weight!..what?..YEA I’LL EAT FOR A FUCKING CHANGE!

O look, hear comes your body guard

Was I Talking To You?

what’s his name~ adrean~adrean what kinda girly name is that~ 100% man is u know what i mean~

why don’t you try gymnastics?…was i talking to you?

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