Movie Quotes from Ginger Snaps: Quotes from the movie Ginger Snaps

do you think she’s pretty? If I wasen’t here, would you eat her??

1) An eighth’s fifty. 2) I don’t want any drugs. 1) Then am-scray. 2) I was just wondering what you hit. 1) (sarcastic) Well, officer, looked like a lycanthrope to me, sir. 2) I know what a lycanthrope is. 1) Sure you do. 2) Think you see werewolves a lot? 1) Why? Do you? (hears a thud coming from his van) What the fuck? (cut to inside van, 3, 4, and 5 are smoking pot) 3) Is it working? 4)(coughs) No. And now I just don’t care. (1 looks into the van and pulls open the door, not happy) 1) What the hell are you guys doing in here? 5) (stoned) Sam the man! 3) Sam, man, we just needed a place to come and smoke. 1) Hey, you know, I have an idea. Why don’t you get the fuck outta my van, assholes!

1) Hey, how ’bout you take this and we blow? 2) How ’bout no? 1) Then let me do it. You can hardly move. 2) No! 1) You can’t do this by yourself. Let me take the needle, I’ll go into the living room, you lead her in, bam, we’re done.

1) See, I flattened an animal. Furry, all fours, could be anything, but here I am thinking *lycanthrope*. That’s crazy, huh? Book me into the rubber motel, I’m officially all fucked up, right? 2) What if you’re not? 1) Well, that would explain the human circumcized dick….and why you’re running for you life from it.

B, suicide is, like, the ultimate *fuck you*.

Baxter’s fertilizer. And everyone’s just standing there starring… Why don’t they just catch that thing? How hard could it be in a place full of dead ends?

Brigitte: Are you sure it’s just cramps?
Ginger: Just so you know the words just and cramps, they don’t go together (Ginger snatches the tampon box out of Brigitte’s hands.)

Did I change last night? Howl at the moon, kill shit and change back? No! Did it take a silver bullet to stop that thing? No! It got killed by a fucking truck!

Did you use protection? no, great you gave it to him,oops!

Do you think I wanna go back to being a nobody? You’re FUCKED!!!

For your information, the words ‘just’ and cramps-? They don’t go together.

Fuck, wrists are for girls…. im slitting my throat!!!
you should definatly hang.

Ginger!You’re ovulating!

god i hate our gene pool

He wants to get down your pants, Stupid!

how do you feel? Wicked

I can’t have a hairy chest Bee, that’s FUCKED!

I can’t have a hairy chest, B. That’s fucked up!

I feel like i’m a god damn force of nature, i feel like i could do just about anything.

I told you girls, no more deaths in the house!

If you dont like your ideas, stop having them

It’s like rubbing the dot till you see fireworks…supernova.

its like touching yourself. you know all the moves

Just because some gonad gets his zipper going doesn’t mean I’m going to go average on you, Bee.

kill yourself to be different and your own body screws you. but if i start simping around tampon dispensers, moaning about PMS, shoot me ok?

Oh, Fuck me

Oh, fuck me.

Our deaths will be the shit B trust me!

out by 16 or dead in this scene but together forever

Out by sixteen or dead in the Scene together forever united against life as we know it

Person 1. A word Ginger.
Person2. Is it ‘sorry’?

Shouldn’t our deaths be a little more than cheap entertainment?

so sluts run in the family quel shocker, you’re fucking dead

Suicide is like the ultamate Fuck You.

What the fuck Bee, this was your idea! You don’t like your ideas, STOP HAVING THEM!

What the fuck, B? This is your idea – if you don’t like your ideas, stop having them

wicked! smoke us up!

You give up on me now and leave me here alone, I would never do that to you!

You know B, It’s like we’re not even related anymore..

You like it…It feels so…Good. It’s like toutching yourself, you know every move, right on the fucking dot! Then after, see fireworks! Supernovas. I’m a god damn force of nature, I feel like I could do just about anything.

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