Movie Quotes from Gigli: Quotes from the movie Gigli

1. I’m not goin’ anywhere, I fuckin’ live here! 2. Yeah? Well neither am I!

1. Who the fuck are you? 2. Who the fuck are you?

A big shout out to ma homies!!!

Baby got back.


Brian: I wanna go baywatch!


Everything’s gonna be alright.

Hows your finger nails Brian?

I need love.

I’m gonna kill myself right now! And you care! You care because you love me! (Robin to Ricki)

It’s not him baby, it’s us.

It’s turkey time!Gobble gobble

Larry: So…Um which part of me is ‘not your type’?
Ricki: Your Penis.
Larry: Huh? What?
Ricki: I’m gay…I’m a lesbian.

Love the one you’re with.

Ricki – For God’s sake both of you just shut up! Fuck!

Ricki: first of all don’t say my name. Second of all you shouldn’t be here! this is a professional situation!

Ricki: Lay some of that heterolingus on me, show me what I’ve been missing

Ricki: Robin, your not listening to me honey.
Robin: I’m fucking listening!

Ricki: This has nothing to do with Sharon, Robin! It has to do with us!

Ricki: Yeah! Read to him Larry!

Ricki: You don’t have any books?
Larry: No. *thinks* I have a telephone directory?

Ricki: your not listening to me babe

Ricki:It’s turkey time. Larry: Huh? What? Ricki: Gobble! Gobble!

Robin: I’m gonna kill myself right now!

Rochelle…..what?…..that’s my real name – Rochelle

Shes a stone cold dyke.

Stick a fork in me, I’m done.

They make my penis sneeze!

Why the hell did I make this movie, oh yeah Kevin Smith hadnt finished writting Jersey Girl yet.

Your old school Larry!

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