Movie Quotes from Ghost and Mr. Chicken, The: Quotes from the movie Ghost and Mr. Chicken, The

And the used Bon Ami!


Calm?!? Do murder and calm go together? Calm and murder? Murder?

I guess if you cut me, I’d bleed ink.

i threw a book at the bookshelf and woosh it opened

i would take good food over bad food any day of the week

I’m having chicken soup with Alma

Let me clarify this…thank you very much.

My whole body’s a weapon.

Oh, don’t panic. Don’t panic.

Put that on my tab.
You haven’t got a tab.

That electrician must be a democrat!

That’s right, karate…made my whole body a weapon.

When you work with words, words are your work.

why don’t you run up an alley and yell fish

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