Movie Quotes from Funny Girl: Quotes from the movie Funny Girl

…A girl ought to have a sense of humor, that’s one thing you really need for sure, when you’re a funny girl.

…And even if I’m all wrong for the guy, I’m good for a laugh.

1) I have a half interest in a little farm. I breed horses. 2) What’s the matter, they can’t do it alone?

Can I skate?!

Cuz I’m the greatest star, I am by far. But no one knows it.

Don’t tell me not to live just sit and putter. Life’s candy and the sun’s a ball of butter. Don’t bring around your cloud to rain on my parade.

Hello Gorgeous!

hello, gorgeous.

I am so beautiful.

I am the beautiful reflection…of my love’s affection. A walking illustration…of his…adoration.

I may not be good for you, but no one has the right to tell me what’s good for me. Not even you.

I’d rather be blue.

I’m a bagel on a plateful of onion rolls.

It’s my religion to play the winning streak.

People, who need people, are the luckiest people in the world.

Second Hand Rose.

So long, funny girl.

The ruffled shirt.

You fucking Jew bastard!!!

You fucking Jew Motherfucker!!!

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