Movie Quotes from Funny Farm: Quotes from the movie Funny Farm

(Does the Sheriff always ride in a taxi?) Yep, ever since he failed his drivers test.

–Hey, Mac, which way to Redbud?
–How’d you know my name is Mac?
–I just guessed.
–The why don’t you guess your way to Redbud?

>I just can’t get enough of these lamb fries! >>I think you might actually break the record of twenty eight! >Well here goes! >>Twenty nine, Thirty! Wow! I’ve never seen someone eat so many testicles!


Cue the deer.

Don’t try to deny it! I stepped on the core!

Got to knock you out to get the hooks out

Hey Mac do u know the way to Red Bud??
How’d u know my name whas Mac?
I just guess!
Well then why dont u guess ur way 2 red Bud

It’s Burning!! Are you happy now!? It’s burning!!! SHit!!! It’s burning!!! God Dammit!

Look at this one honey..we’ve got a big load on out hands here..a great big duck. [all of the ducks attack him].

Nice try Mr. Farmer. Even i can tell when two penny’s are being dropped into a Jelly Jar.

That’s right, sheep balls!!

where iwas the movie filmed city and state

Who the heck was that crazy driving guy who just hit me? He’s your mailamn sir.

You want yellow-dog?

Youre not knocking him out, youre beatin’ the piss out of em!

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