Movie Quotes from Full Monty, The: Quotes from the movie Full Monty, The

(Talking about ways to commit suicide) 1)Drowning. Now, that’s the way to go. 2)I can’t swim.

…flashy tits!

1) Hey up theres someone coming. 2) Alright? 1) Aye, not so bad. 3) Not so bad? NOT SO BAD! Thats not much of a chuffin s.o.s is it?!

1) I try dieting. I do try! Seems I’ve spent most of me fuckin life on a diet. The less I eat the fatter I get. 2) So stuff yourself and get thin! 3) Ah shut up saggy tits!

1) So. You dont sing? 2) No. 1) You dont dance? 2) No. 1) I hope you dont think I’m being nosy, but what do you do? 2) Well, there is…this. 1) Gentlemen…the lunchbox has landed! 3) Chuffin nora!!

1) You all waitin’ for me then? 2) Yeah, to go home. 1) Well, you know where to find me when you’re tired of lookin’ at these poofs.

1) You’re not still on about this chippendale lark are you? 2) A Yorkshire version. If them buggers can we bloody can. 1) You cant dance! 2) We know! Why d’you think we’ve been trailing you all over Sheffield?? 1) Its not my sort of dancing though, its all ass wiggling and that. 2) I’ve got a degree in ass wiggling mate.

Anti fat bastard cream there is none.

Anti-wrinkle cream there may be, but anti-fat-bastard cream there is not.

Folks don’t laugh so loud when you’ve a grand in your back pocket.

Gaz: God is there anyone I don’t get bollocked by? Nathan: OUT!

Gentlemen, the eagle has landed.

Gentlemen, the lunchbox has landed.

God is there anyone I dont get bollocked by??

He’s fat and you’re thin and you’re both fucking ugly!

He’s too fat, he’s to old, and he’s a pigeon chested tosser!

hey whats this? i didnt go on the nick in asda for some chuffin womens DIY video!

Hey whats this? I didnt go on the nick in asda for some chuffing women’s DIY video!

Horse: Where’d you learn to sew?
Nathan: Prison.
Gaz: Cheers, Nathe!

I’d just as soon run you down as look at you.

I’m not a chicken drumstick Gerald.

if you need a fat bastard cream, there is no

Listen you, we just saved your fuckin’ life, so don’t tell us we’re not your mates, all right?

Nobody told us about the full monty…

nowt as queer as folk

Policeman: Does your daddy always take his clothes off in front of you? Boy: Only when he’s rehearsing.

Put down and piss off!

That were crap!

The Arsenal offside trap. Lomper ‘ere is Tony Adams right? Any bugger looks like scoring, we all step forward in a line and wave our arms around like a fairy.

Oh well that’s easy.

We Are Family.

YOUR willy?! MY willy!

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