Movie Quotes from Frenzy: Quotes from the movie Frenzy

Don’t forget, Bob’s your uncle

I don’t know if you know it, Babs, but you’re my type of woman.

I expect she’ll turn up sooner or later. These days, ladies abandon
their honor far more readily than their clothes.

I say, that’s not my club tie, is it?

It’s been too long since the Christie murders. A good colorful crime spree is good for tourism.

No, discretion is not traditionally the strong suit of the psychopath, dear. Believe me, that’s what we’re dealing with. You
ought to read his wife’s divorce petition.

This time, maybe we did get the wrong man!

You are not wearing your tie, Mr Rusk.

You can inform Mrs. Blaney that one of her less successful exercises
in matrimony has come to see her: Mr. Blaney.

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