Movie Quotes from French Kiss: Quotes from the movie French Kiss

Kate: Do you believe in love? The kind that lasts forever?
Luc: I loved my mother.

Luc: Meanwhile, his lover –
Kate: Don’t ever use that word again.
Luc: All right, this bastard woman…

Kate: You lost your birthright in one hand of poker?
Luc: I’m an asshole. What can I say?

Kate: A healthy person is someone who expresses what they feel – express, not repress.
Luc: In that case, you must be one of the healthiest people alive.

#1 Bub. #2 Bub? #1 Yes, Bub, like um Bub Dylan. #2 Ohhh, Bob! #1 (american accent) Ohhh, Bob!

(babbling on) …a nicotine-saturated and – sorry to say this – hygiene-deficient Frenchman!

(not sure if this is quite correct but its hilarious anyways.. i love this movie!!)

youll be one of those lonely old men, sitting in the back of a cafe saying ‘my ass is twitching.. you people make my ass twitch’

(singing) I hate Paris, oh why, oh why do I hate Paris… because my love is there… with his slut girlfriend…

1) So who is this guy who stole my bags? 2)Bub. 1)Bub? 2) Yes, Bub! Like Bub Dylan? 1) Ohhh, Bob! 2) Oui, Baaahhb.

1. Oh no, It’s coming, the mucus is coming. Spasm! Spasm! 2. Look at the Cows 3. Not the cow, I just ate that cow. Oh god, here it is, here it comes. Lactose Intolerant!

1. What was that? What did he say? 2. ‘E say, one of ze engines is not working, but not worry, we take off anyway.

1: Was he wearing a suit with a yellow shirt? 2: You know him? Oh, of course you know him. All you bastards know each other.

Kate : Did you know there are 452 official kinds of cheese in this country, isn’t that amazing? To find 452 ways to classify what is essentially a bacterial process? Don’t you think that’s amazing?
Luc : You would prefer one kind of cheese? One cheeseburger to put it on? One restaurant to eat it in?
Kate : I’m saying I *like* the cheese. God!

Charlie: I met this woman, this apparition, this goddesse
Kate: Goddesse?
Charlie: It’s French – for goddess.

Charlie: What does he do?
Kate: Besides what we do together? I don’t think he does anything at all… huh.

Kate: One love for you would be like having to eat home for the rest of your life, and you probably like to go out to a different restaurant every chance you get..

Kate: Do you speak English?
Concierge: Of course, Madam. This is the George Cinq, not some backpacker’s hovel.

Kate: Do you think you could urinate with someone standing behind you?
Con-man: I think I could manage it. Are you going to be the someone?

Kate: So who is this guy who stole my bags?
Luc: Bub.
Kate: Bub?
Luc: Bub. Like Bub Dylan?

Luc: You want to ask me something, or no? Kate: No, forget it it. Luc: I forget already.

Luc: I am thinking, I want you.
Kate: You want me?
Luc: That’s all. I want you.

Luc: Now we’ll practice. I’ll be Charlie.
Kate: I’ll be Kate.

all men are bastards….bastard!

Don’t feel guity. If you feel guilty then I will feel guilty for making you feel guilty. You know what? That was the old me…feel guilty. Swim in it until your fingers get all pruny!


For me, bullshit is like breathing.

happy – smile, sad – frown… use the corresponding face for the corresponding emotion

Happy – smile. Sad – frown. Use the corresponding face for the corresponding emotion.

Happy-smile. Sad-frown. Use the corresponding face for the corresponding emotion.

I can see you now, one of those hunched back lonely old men sitting in the corner of a crowded café mumbling to himself…. (In a scratchy voice) ‘My ass is twitching. You people make my ass twitch.’

I can understand that. I mean, you can disconnect from everything but a kiss. A kiss is so intimate–two peoples’ lips together, their breath a little bit of their souls… I just meant that a kiss is where the romance is.

I don’t like how you say with your nose all scrunched up,’You’re Frunch aren’t you?’

I get around as nature intended: in a car.

I get around as nature intended: in a car.

i hate paris in the spring time.. i hate paris in the fall.. i hate paris in the summer when it sizzles, i hate paris in the winter when it drizzles. i hate paris. oh why oh, why do, i hate paris because my love is there.. with his SLUT girlfriend…

I hate Paris, oh why oh why do I hate Paris, because my love is there with his slut girlfriend

I never thought I would be the type of person to say it, but all men are bastards.

I was at Ronny Templeton’s little brother’s house…and I didn’t even enjoy it! I inhaled…but I was hacking and coughing.

I’m going to get him back, and i’m going to make him love me!

I’m gonna get him back, mom. I will truimph.

I’m suppose to be this pouty little girl who says no when she means yes and yes when she means no. And I cannot do it. You use the corresponding face with the corresponding emotion.

Is that a French thing or a consierge thing?

Is that a French thing or a Consierge thing??

It just gets under my skin and it makes me, completely, IN-SANE!

It’s a beautiful day to be in Cannes, isn’t it Kate?

It’s a bold wine with a hint of sophistication and lacking in pretention…actually i was just talking about myself.

it’s not up here! :-( if anybody knows the quote where he says something like: first you will forget his chin, then his nose, and eventually he will go away… or somethin like that…put it up here! hehe i really want it

Kate: Get mom on the phone.
Lily: Okay, but should you still be calling her mom?
Kate: Lily! Just get mom on the phone!

Kate: I just wanted to take a good look at the person who stole my little Charlie’s heart away.
Juliette: I did no steal anything that didn’t want to be stolen.
Kate: Oh, Charlie, she’s smart.

Kate:(referring to her first meeting with Charlie – her boyfriend) I don’t know, it wasn’t exactly a thunder clap or bolt, it was more of a …
Luc: Light drizzle?


Luc’s mother: Since when are woman just your friends?
Luc: Since I met her.

Luc: Meanwhile, his lover..
Kate: Don’t ever use that word again.
Luc: Okay, this bastard woman.

Luc: plein de poisson non?

Luc; and this this goddess….-Kate: don’t EVER use that word again.

My ass is twitching. You people make my ass twitch.

My ass is twitching. You people make my ass twitch.

My ass is twitching… you people make my ass twitch.

My ass twitches. Yup! People make my ass twitch.

My whole life is passing before my eyes, and we don’t even have children yet.

No matter what I might seem like tonight, it’s still the same old me from yesterday you wind up with tomorrow.

not the cow. i just ate that cow!!

OHH!! Beautiful! Wish you were here!

Ohh..I don’t think I’m sexy enough. You want this fussy little gir who says yes when she means no and no when she means yes and I can’t do it! I just can’t do it! Happy-smile, sad-frown! Use the corresponding faces withe the corresponding emotion!

Ohhh, Beautiful, Wish you were here.

so, you’re from Canada eh?

Spasm! Spasm! Oh, God, here it comes… lactose intolerence!

Stop the rocking, stop the rocking!

The captain says there is a crack in the engine, but not to worry we take off anyway.

Those French! They hate us, they smoke, they have a whole relationship with dairy products I don’t understand.

Twisted steel, balls of fire, naked baby screaming for its mother!

What can I say?….I am an ass-a-hole.

When people say they are happy, it makes my ass twitch. (sounds like: When peepol say zey are happee, eet makes my ass tweetch.)

Who is he? – He’s Bub, Bub. – Bub? – Bub, like Bub Dylan. – Oh Bob! – Wi, Baaaab.

Why weren’t you the one, Charlie? The one who turned on this big shiny Kate-light that burns so bright?

Wine is like people, the vine takes all the influences in life all around it, it absorbs them, and it gets its personality.

You know each other? Of course you know each other, all you bastards know each other!

You know I don’t know what they taught you in France, but rude and interesting is not the same thing.

You know, no matter what I might seem like tonight, it’s still the same old me from yesterday you wind up with tomorrow, the same old me.

You people make my ass twitch.

You say that now but after a time you would forget. First you would forget his chin and then his nose and after a while you would struggle to remember the exact color of his eyes and one day you wake up and he’s gone. His voice, his smell, his face. He will have left you and then you can begin again.

you’ll be one of those hunch-backed, lonely old men, sitting in the corner of a crowded cafe saying, my ass is twitching. you people make my ass twitch.

You’re French aren’t you?

Zip, Boom, Bonjour! Back in Buisness!

[in French] I love the sea, so beautiful, so mysterious… so full of fish.

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