Movie Quotes from Freak Talks About Sex: Quotes from the movie Freak Talks About Sex

1: I have gas right now like you wouldn’t believe.
2: Ok, that’s a little more information than I needed to know.

1: I was wondering if tonight, you know, we could get together and just have sex?
2: Can I bring my boyfriend?

1: There are four stages of consciousness development.
2: I suppose you’re like stage four.
1: No man, I’m stage one.

All women are lesbians.

Freak- I used to think that the most degrading thing you could do to a girl was fuckin her in the ass. But it’s gotta be tit fucking……tit fucking is the most degrading thing you could do to a girl.

He thinks he can weigh you with his tongue.

Hey, I hear you’re into threesomes.

I can’t think of a single movie that can’t be improved with a lesbian sex scene.

I don’t attract psychotic women– I make women psychotic.

That’s not a microwave, that’s a lava lamp.

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