Movie Quotes from Fraternity Vacation: Quotes from the movie Fraternity Vacation

(1 and 2)Welcome to Palm Springs you assholes!

(1)Oh Chrissy! Did I tell you what my gynocologist said? (2)No, what? (1)Some doctor in France thinks he’s found a cure for herpes.

(1)What did they arrest you for? (2)For being overly affectionate to an undercover vice squad officer.

(1)Why don’t I bring you a milk and an extra beer mug? (2)Oh that’d be great. I’d love some milk!

(1)You know those guys? (2)No Chrissy, they’ve never seen them before in their lives. They just happen to know their names.

Any friend of Wendell’s is a friend of mine.

Can I buy you a drink? Would you care to dance? Uh, then I guess a blow job in the parking lot would be out of the question.

I’m appalled at myself!

I’ve always found that four people on a queen size bed can be very comfy.

My suit just shrunk.

Poor kid didn’t stand a chance.

There’s somethin’ to be said for mediocre lookin’ girls. They don’t get so much action so they try harder.

They call you Mother, right? Mother Tucker. That just kills me.

This is Mad Man Max with seventy-two hours of rock-n-roll!

When Chas Lawler sacrified his brand-new Mercedes, I heard him say, Fuck it, It’s unsured. Well, that’s how I feel about life.

You don’t think she’s weird or somethin’, like a virgin?

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