Movie Quotes from Foreign Affair, A: Quotes from the movie Foreign Affair, A

Considering the amount of taxpayer’s money that was poured on it, I don’t expect it to look like a lace Valentine.

Don’t tell me it’s subversive to kiss a Republican!

If you give a hungry man a loaf of bread, that’s democracy. If you leave the wrapper on, it’s imperialsim.

Really, Colonel Plummer, you should have your brakes relined.

Schlager, Schlagenberg, Schlagenspite, Schitz. Seems some of them never got to Milwaukee.

Well, men, once more it is our honor and privlege to welcome a visiting committee. Lately, they seem to be coming as regularly as the electric bill.

Page Topic: Movie Quotes from ‘Foreign Affair, A’: Quotes from the movie ‘Foreign Affair, A’

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