Movie Quotes from Flirting with Disaster: Quotes from the movie Flirting with Disaster

1)Is this a musical table? 2)You can’t catch the wind!

And why is this an act of God?

Did you put window pain in his chicken ?

Do these look like the breasts of a 50 year old?

Does anybody actually own a white Taurus or they all rentals?

Even if you were Jeffrey Dahmer, we’d still love you !

First they bump you…and then they mutilate you.

Gerry Garcia blah blah blah!
Im so sick of this fucking story god you’ve been telling it for years give it up!!!

I believe a boy’s penis should look just like his fathers’. Give me the baby.

I dropped a lot of baby batter in my day, but this is the first son I ever met!

If you were Jeffrey Dahmer, we would still love you.

jerry garcia…blah blah blah..

jerry garcia…blah blah blah..I hate this fucking story!

My husband is food-phobic.

The Shitkings?

You aint no bitch boy are ya?

You-You’re not a slut…

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