Movie Quotes from Flipper: Quotes from the movie Flipper

1: you never told me you were in the navy. 2: and you never told me about the girl from the marina. 1: yeah…how’d you know about her?



Gotta jet…here comes the hippie.

His name is uh….. flipper

his name is uh………flipper

his name is uh……flipper

his name is uh…..flipper

his name is uh….Flipper

I caught a whale…but I threw it back.

So you like my dolphin?

sure there bumming

when are you gonna pick me up? A cigar, we’ve been smokin up a storm. uncle porter let’s me drink all the beer i want, he also knows a lot of loose women.

you know the story about scar, it’s true

You’re going to have to use your brain, which is going to hurt because it’s the weakest muscle in your bady.

You’re lucky, a hurricane on your first visit.

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