Movie Quotes from Fisher King, The: Quotes from the movie Fisher King, The

***the quotes above are all incorrect. watch the freakin movie, people.***

… and never forget, there’s only three things you need in this world; the love of a good woman, a navy blazer and a satisfying bowel movement on a regular basis.

1) I think its time that you shut up now…shut up. Look I wasn’t going to come up to your place2) Oh my God, you didn’t wan’t to1) No,I want to…believe me, I’ve got a boner for you the size of Florida…but I don’t want just one night

Free up the little guy, let em flap in the breeze!!

I don’t know how you lasted as long as you did. If I had to live with my mother I’d stab myself thirteen times.

I got a hard-on for you the size of Florida… but I still don’t drink coffee.

i need to laugh , you know , mabe a goldie hawny, chevy chasey type thing , you know, i gotta laugh

I really miss her, jack. Is that okay? Can I miss her now?…Thank you.

I’m out there every day, trying to decide what I’m doing – why it is that whatever I have, it feels like nothing.

It’s important to think. It’s what separates us from lentils.

J: Ya want some? G: No thanks I gotta go to work. J: How un-sixties of you. G: I was 9 in the sixties.

Nooooo, not the hospital. I was born in a place like this.

Okay, well, a couple are right. Anyway…

See, I’m what you’d calla moral traffic light…I’m like sayin: Red-Gono further…Bwoup, Bwoup, Bwoup

Um…no. Most of them are right.

When her muscles start relaxin’/Up the hill comes Michael Jackson.

Who’re ya talking’ to, Jack?

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