Movie Quotes from Fierce Creatures: Quotes from the movie Fierce Creatures

#1 He likes animals. #2 Oh he doesn’t just like ’em he fff

#1 Well i won’t lie to you Wanda. #2 Willa #1 Willa

(Rolo is pushing a small animal in a cart) Vince: Where are you going with that thing. Rolo: Just taking it for a walk. Vince: Walk? it can barely move in that thing. Rolo: oh no the walk is for me. Vince: well what do you need that thing for then? Rolo: well… Vince: you were gonna put that somewhere weren’t you.

1: And what do we have here? An African spurred tortoise. Look at it. If it died, would we know? My grandmother’s grave is a bigger attraction. But wait…It’s not just some non-entity tortoise now! It’s Bruce Springsteen’s tortoise! Immediately it’s an event. 2: Will he come and visit it? 1: What? 2: Will he come and visit it? 1: Yeah, when his schedule allows. 3: So he’s actually agreed to sponsor it? 1: You’re missing the point! We can market little Bruce Springsteen tortoises. Jurassic Park made half it’s money off those plastic dinosaurs, and they’re even deader than this heap or garbage! Follow me!

1: Hi Rollo. It’s Vince McCain. Were you having dinner? 2: Dinner? It’s two o’clock in the morning. 2: Oh…Were you asleep? 1: Yes, I frequently am at two am, actually. Filthy habit I picked up in the far east.

1: I love Willa! 2: No, I love her. 1: I love Willa! 2: Look, I get Willa. You get seven billion dollars. 1: Oh, that’s right.

1: Just so you know, I intend to run this one zoo really well. 2: And if you do you can always open a chain of them! Little zoos popping up everywhere, all exactly the same. Leapords on the left, rhinos on the right, monkeys in the middle, sea lions in the centre…

1: What are you doing? 2: I’m getting undressed. For sex.

1: You want to go to the third world and operate an animal toilet? 2: Animals, paper clips…It’s all business. 1: But Willa! These things smell!

1: You won’t shoot me. 2: Oh-ho-ho yes, I will. 1: No, you won’t. 2: Why not? 1: The safety catch is still on.

1: You’d better be careful dressing like that around here. People will think you’re sleeping your way to the top. 2: Just as long as they don’t think I’m sleeping my way to the middle.

Around here he’s known as Rod Almightly.

How does he get three girls?…Where does the third one go?

Hungy Heart.

I never have to listen to you again, do I? With your ‘You’re no son of mine, you miserable little worm. You’ve been a dissappointment to me since the day your mother farted you out of her womb!’.

I’m starting work here today, and I can’t be late.

It’s not just any tortise, It’s Bruce Springstiens tortise!

Rollo:Is there a history of insanity in your family?

Yes but how much does mister gorilla take hooome at the end of the week? Not a lot! A couple of bananas!

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