Movie Quotes from Father of the Bride Part II: Quotes from the movie Father of the Bride Part II

FRANC: you are PRAGNANT? NINA: i am. and guess what? Annie’s pregnent too. FRANC: what? mother and daughter are pragnant togather?!?

(George when he finds out Nina is pregnant) And who may I ask is the father?

1)How did you know we were here? 2)Well, I got home and saw the tray of uneaten lasagnas…

1)I hope he’s the husband. 2)He is.

1)I’m just gonna catch a few winks before I go to– 2)Come on, Dad, I’m late for camp! 1)Camp?

1)I’m just gonna catch a few winks before I go to– 2)Come on, Dad, I’m late for camp! 1)Camp?

1)My due-date’s September 4th, Labor Day. 2)Perfect timing, huh?

1)My due-date’s September 4th, Labor Day. 2)Talk about timing.

1)Thanks for telling me this, George. 2)Thanks for marrying me, Nina.

1)That’s a nice accent you have there, what planet are you from? 2)The planet of not wanting to die by a drive by shooting, LOCK THE DOORS!!

1)What’s he doing? 2)Wow, that was amazing. He said ‘Pass the rolls.’ By the time I passed them he was gone.

1. What planet are you from man? 2.The planet of not wanting to get killed in a drive-by shooting.

1.) I remember our first game. 2.) Me too. 1.) You had a red ribbon tied in your hair.

A little suction

Am I moving?

Annie: I may be your nephews mom, but i’m still your big sister.

At least going to the movies will be economical, ‘One child, two seniors!’

Boy)Hey, do you have a problem loser? Franc) We have no problem just leaf us alone! Boy) Leaf, you alone? What are you a tree? Franc)Hahaha very funny you’re obviously a comedian Boy) Nice accent man, what planet are you from huh? Franc) What planet? The planet of not getting killed by a drive-by shooting! LOCK THE DOORS!!

Come on Gray haired man

Do me a favor, don’t follow me Banks! No!!!

Do the baby vorkout milk the baby svet! whosh whosh whosh whosh! little tin solider i’m a tin solider! to the right now, with additude come on! get away! I don’t like how u do that, leg lifts now!

Every party has a pooper that’s why we invited you…party pooper George BAAAANKS.

Excuse me! Do – I – know – you?!

Franck: i am not a father, i am not a husband, i am not a 911 man

Fronk: Mother and daughter pregnent together? Get out of town. You must let me do the baby shower.

George: Nina, whatever it is I just want you to know we are in this together. Doctor: Kids, you’re going to have a baby.


I am getting shorter!

I don’t know what I’m doing but I ‘ll stay

Just because we’re older doesn’t mean we’re old.

Just because we’re older doesn’t mean we’re old. It’s the 90’s.

just hit the road…and don’t trample the pansies!

leave us a-lone…leave you a-lone? what are you a tree?…haha very funny you are obviously a comadian


NINA) Is he breathing? FRANC) Yes, breathing and drooling!!

Rise and shine big white haired man!!!

She’s a daughter.

They’re called Vasnick, they’re from my country, their not EXACTLY legal yet, but don’t worry, NO funny side effects! I been taking them for years!

Two Vatsnick is like Bye-bye, George, see you next Thursday!

Velcome to Babyland!

We could sell this house in a second. It’s the ‘Leave It To Beaver’ house everyone wants.

What are we, the Schmaltz family?

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