Movie Quotes from Fame: Quotes from the movie Fame

‘Cause I’m young and single, and I loves to mingle.

(all singing)1)I sing the body electric.I celebrate the me yet to come.I toast to my own reunion, when I become one with the sun.2)And I’ll look back on Venus, I’ll look back on Mars, and I’ll burn with the fire of 10,000,000 stars.And in time, and in time we will all be stars.3)I sing the body electric.I glory in the glow of rebirth.Creating my own tomorrow, when I shall embody the Earth.4&5)And I’ll serenade Venus, I’ll serenade my heart, and I’ll burn with the fire of 10 million stars.And in time, and in time we will all be stars.

1) It’s not your dick you’re holding, it’s a violin bow, hold it with a little rspect like uhh… 2) like your dick?

1)But everyone falls in love with their analyst. There’s a word for that, isn’t there? 2)Homosexual.

1)I’m about as flamboyant as a bagel. 2)Some people like bagels.

1)Look, I’m not ‘my dear.’ You can fuck ‘my dear.’ 2)Why thank you. That might be fun. 1)That might be impossible. He’s not into vanilla. 2)Might be a nice change from black cherry. 1)The darker the berry, the sweeter the juice, honey. 2)Yes, but who wants diabetes?

1)What are you wearing, Leroy? 2)A hat. 1)On you’re feet, Leroy. 2)Oh, you like them? Helps me get from class to class faster–get more learning in.

1)You want them laughing WITH you, not AT you. 2)I want them laughing.

Does that hurt or is that ethnic?

Everybody else here is colorful, or eccentric, or charismatic, and I’m
perfectly normal.


Hot Lunch Jam.

I hate Ralph Garci! I must remember this feeling and use it in my

I Sing the Body Electric.

Mozart wouldn’t be doing this today.

This was my audition, remember?! We were rehearsing to get me into this school!

Well is she innn or is she out [pause] DORIS, WE’RE IN

When she sings it IS drama.

You mean I’m through? I don’t have to dance no more? Where you goin’ Leroy? You mean he’s in and I’m out? Well fuck you, Leroy. We was rehearsin’ to get me in this school, not you, you fuckah. I dint wanna come here anyway. This school sucks. You done me a favah shithead. You saved me four fuckin’ years in this ass lickin’ school. Who wants to go to a fuckin’ school and learn to dance anyhow? [shake bars]

You wanna accumulate some experience?

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