Movie Quotes from Eye of the Beholder: Quotes from the movie Eye of the Beholder

-Excuse me, do you always park in front of fire hydrants sir?
-Well are you gonna stop?
-And why not?
(Takes out ID)
-Oh, excuse me sir, have a nice day

-your leaving
-i’ll be back in a few days
-no your not, your leaving, just like last time
-Your mother left me
-Your running away again
-I didnt run away
-me and mommy, u hate us!
-Oh for god’s sake
-Your abandoning me
-I didnt abondon anyone!!

Alex : Why me? Joanna : Because you can’t see who I really am.

He walks, he talks, he’s ALIVE!

Merry Christmas Daddy!!

The eye which is reflected to the external world is also the mirror to the soul within.

[Knocking on door]
Gary: No milk today, Thanks.
[Knocking continues]
Gary: Thank you. Now piss off and mind your own FUCKING business!

Page Topic: Movie Quotes from ‘Eye of the Beholder’: Quotes from the movie ‘Eye of the Beholder’

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