Movie Quotes from Eye for an Eye: Quotes from the movie Eye for an Eye

Why don’t you stay out of my neighborhood and I’ll stay out of yours. You know, I don’t even really like kiddy pussy….but I’m willing to make an exception.

–Like I said…nothing personal.
–It’s very personal.

–What are you gonna do? Shoot me?
–You broke into my house with the intent to do me bodily harm. The law says I have the right to protect myself.

And you can’t catch him! You can’t punish him! You can’t protect
anyone else! You’re completely useless!

Help me! Can you call the police for me?! Can you send them to 244 Eden Street in the Palisedes?! Please!

Poor man’s truth serum: caffeine and sugar.

She was a good f-f-f-fuck.

She was great fuck!

Why don’t you offer him a candy bar and maybe he will confess?

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