Movie Quotes from Extreme Days: Quotes from the movie Extreme Days

(loud whistle) Ok, everybody out of the pool!

(The guys are farting with matches in the dark and Jesse walks in and then leaves.) Brian: Is this in any way attractive?

As many times as it takes!

Brian- is there any thing you can’t do?
Matt- she can’t sing
Jessie- -Matt!
Brian- really
Jessie- ok it’s true…i’m awful
Matt- like a cayotie in a trash compactor.

Can you guys give me a phat beat?

Con correcto eregos som. I am therefore I do

Dave (from PAX217): Tight ryhmes

do you have it on power or is it on stand-by

don’y drink the warter man, don;t drink the water

For the love of donuts lets go!

Frank(i think): Nice hat. SWAAAAANG!
Matt: Thank you.

How many times!?!

I told you that she couldn’t sing

I’m not even Turkish, or a sailor…

i’m not too good at public speaking, i dont know what those guys were talkin about in there, cory ripped our map, would u like a falafle with that?

Jessie- Matt, you havn’t changed a bit
Matt- i know look at my hat

Jessie: Matt you haven’t changed a bit. Matt: I know look at my hat!

just pee over the ledge

Matt(the best character)- ok one bobaganuse burger, would you like a flofe whith that.

Matt-For the love of dounuts, LET’s GO!!!

matt: can i borrow your jacket?
will: no.
matt: please?
will: no
matt: WHY NOT?!

Matt: Dude I cant give this up..I hava a great job..we have dental, and a free HMI plan. Will: Dude its HMO


Matt: I hate to…be the…voice of…reason here, guuuuuuys. But this whole thing’s crazy. (pause) But that’s never stopped us before!

Matt: Is it on…standby?

Matt:Do you have any fudge? Will:ah, no Matt: How about salad dressing? Will: ah… no Matt: uh have any canned fish products? Will: uh.. no

Maybe i’m your miracle.

No screaming, no running, no splashing. In other words, you get me wet, I get you wet.

that was majical

The farmer in the dell

There’s nothing wrong with being a girl.

This was once alive.(holds up dead armadillo) Is it reptile…or mamal?

We had some random things happen to us; some good, some bad, some u can’t explain, some u dont want to, but one thing we did learn for sure…when God throws a curveball…dont duck…u just might miss something.

well halelujah. Amen. So Jessie, you gonna take me to church now?-cory
she just did.-will


Would you like a falafel with that?

would you like a flolfe with that?

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