Movie Quotes from Eraser: Quotes from the movie Eraser

1) Where is this? 2) Earth. Welcome.

1) Who the hell does this guy think he is? 2) He thinks he’s the bst in the game. Try not to piss him off, okay? I think he’s right.

a.your late

Arnold:’You’ll never see me again,but i’ll know every move you make’

Don’t move. You’re dead.

Don’t you ever get tired of babysitting scum? John Kruger: Yes, but in your case, I’ll make an exception.

Drop your gun and I’ll let you live.

Oh, my God! Terrorists!

Smile. You’ve just been erased.

Venessa: Your late. Arnold: Traffic.

We heard you was loadin’ a ship without the assistance of bonafide union labor. Say it isn’t so.

Where is she? ……..ATLANTA

you have just been Erased

Your luggage!

[shoots attacking alligator] You’re luggage.

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