Movie Quotes from Empire of the Sun: Quotes from the movie Empire of the Sun

‘I want you to get Mrs. Partridge’s potato while you’re up there.’
‘I think she died, Basie.’ – Jim
‘She died, Jim. But she didn’t hand in her dinner plate. Go on. Hurry. And, Ace, don’t forget to bow to the Sergeant. I got to get out of here.’

*Aren’t they great? That’s what I’m going to call our little outfit. With two 50 calibres in the hold, we’re going to be the lords of the Yangtze. Come to think of it that might be a better name. At the end and beginning of a war, that we have to watch out for ourselves. In between, it’s like a country club. But you got to know how to keep your balance. Keep the balance and make the right friends because this war is defiantly winding down.*
*And after that?* – Jim
*After that. I retire in luxury, start a barber college… what are you doing here? I told you to look out for my stuff.*
*They were bigger than me.* – Jim

*He gave me a mango!* – Jim
*I’ll give you a whole damned fruit salad. There are Frigidaire’s falling from the sky. Kingdom come.*
*He was my friend!* – Jim
*He was a Jap.*

*Well, somebody, will*____*Hey! Hey! Pipe down!*__*Paul – you’re name Paul? You like magic? Well if you can get your sister to smile for me I’ll show you a magic trick.*__*’I’m looking after him for his daddy.’
‘You’re American aren’t you?’ – Dude
‘Defiantly. I was working underground. The loumintang.’
‘As a conjurer?’ – Dude

– Hey kid wanna Hershey bar?
– Yes please
– So would I kid, ya got one?

– It’s good that you’re friends with Basey, he’s a survivor
– That’s because he only drinks boiled water

-Ingratiated? That’s a fine word
-You look like you need to lie down
-Come on in boy.
-Cathedral school too
-Frank, the cathedral’s a school for Taipans. Hmm you must know some important people, son. What do they call you
-Madame Sun?
I was presented. * Jim
-Frank, the Japs are not looking for us. Nantoa creek is full of cholera they’ve got more sense
-Frank, let’s leave the boy alone. All these new words now what’s this fancy candy? What did you say your name was boy?
-Jim. A new name for a new life. Imagine Jim’s parents got themselves picked up with all the other Brits and now Jim’s looking for them
-Don’t worry about Frank, Jim, he always eats after me, don’t you Frank?That’s because I think for us both. Jim, chew your food. Chew every mouthful six times. Get the benefit
-You know, Frank, we might do alright in one of those camps. It doesn’t look like we’ll be leaving Shanghai in a hurry

1) Try not to think so much! 2) I can’t remember what my parents look like.

1-Didn’t I teach you anything,Jim? 2-Yes, you taught me that people will do anything for a potato!

2-My plane. 1-Jamie!!!! Jamie! 2-Mum? Mum?! Mum!! Mummy!! 1-Jamie! 2-Mummy! Mum~~… Mum! 1-Jamie Jamie! Go home I’ll find you there go home! 2-Mummy!!!

amotus somme, amotus es, amotus est

Basey: People are dying of dysentary in here. You don’t want to drink the water. Here, drink this.
English Boy: Many thanks, Basey.
Basey: You’re a very well-mannered boy, Jim.

Because I’m your friend.

Clair u r sooo sexy babe!!

Claire u r so dam sexi babe!
i have got alot instore for u just u wait hun

Crystal chandeliers?
I think they were crystal – Jim
I think you’re tired, Jim. Say, Jim. What about a little money?
Dammit, Basie, the Japs.- Frank
I can see that Frank, back out of here.

English Humour… No, Scottish Whiskey.

Get out of here. That’s alright Jim you’re almost one of us. Did you see that Mustang yesterday?
The Cadillac of the skies Basie. – Jim

He was my friend! He was a Jap!

Hey how ya doin’ Frank?

hey Jim just now that kieran is the best ok, no one can beat him, let it go he owns all, Hazzza he will be back im sure of it, and so will ur mother

Hey Jim, you’re in charge of my stuff.

Hey kid, want a chocolate bar? Yes please

Hey, Jim, do you want a Hershey bar?


I can bring anyone back. I can bring anyone back.

I can bring everyone back.

I can’t remember what my parents looked like.

I don’t see what I call a camp**
There isn’t enough air for you in the whole of China ain’t that it, Jim?**
You’re better than Shangai Laundry. Did you get a cork?
I got one, Basie. – Jim
Good boy. That will do just fine.
45? How’d you get that? – Jim
I subscribe. It’s got Packard, Studebaker, Jell-o. Things from home. Can you get me a sewing needle?

I don’t want her shoes Basie, I don’t want her shoes!

I learned a new word today, ‘Atom bomb’

I learned a new word today: atom bomb.
It was like a white light in the sky, like God taking a photograph, I saw it.

I surrender

I want these back when they’re done

I’m beginning to feel almost human again**
**No, Jim, without you, I wouldn’t have a needle. Without me I wouldn’t have a compass**
**Jim, come here. You’re in charge of my stuff**

I’m writing a book on contract bridge

In a minute. Your tongues running away. Now that is a well kept set of teeth. Someone has paid a lot of bills for that sweet little mouth. Frank, you know you’d be surprised how some people neglect their kids teeth

Is that right

It sure will be the place to be come Thanksgiving. I’m having pheasant.

It’s a consideration.**
**I gotta be frank with you Jim. It’s a toss between you and Deinty.
Take me! – Jim
Give me one good reason why I should.
Because I’m your friend. – Jim

It’s American imitative and the man who delivers gets the gravy. How’s your friend Dr. Sweitzer?

Jesus Christ. Frank.

Jim! Jim! Try not to think so much.

Jim! Jim!

Just go forward

laughs* *Opulence. Alright we’ll go and take a look at some of these houses. Let’s go, Frank. Opulence.

Learned a new word today. Atom Bomb. It was like God taking a photograph.

leith suks cock!! no more gay stuff ok leith
i no wat ur up to

Looks like you’re size. Jim

Luxuriant? You had good sense being born there, Jim. I’m sure there was good living

No mama, no papa, no Whiskey soda!

No. You can’t drink water from the water buck there are people dying in there of dysentery. We can drink boiled water

Now their time was running out. Outside Shanghai, the Japanese dug in and waited – for Pearl Harbor.

Old buying and selling, Frank. You know, life

P-51! Cadillac of the Sky!

P-51!! Cadillac of the sky!

Pheasant? – Jim
I just made the trap. It works like a noose. Stick out your arm. See? Neat

See this mosquito net? What does that tell you? Rawling is on the lake.
You’re so clever, Basie – Jim
Yeah? Only cost me batteries.
How are you feeling? – Jim
I’ve had worse. I was beaten by a Stoker once.
Were you a stoker? – Jim
Steward. Shanghai – friscoline.
Why did he beat you? – Jim
Shanghai-frisco will be the trip now, huh, Jim?
Basie, where do you live? – Jim
No I mean after the war. – Jim
Somewhere else
Until you find a place you could live on Amherst Avenue. I’d like you to come and meet my parents. We could fill up the pool and we’ll eat 3 times a day. – Jim
You’re not feeling sorry for me are you?
No one feels sorry for you, Basie. – Jim
That’s right.
And you always eat first. – Jim
You said it kid. Yeah. I’m thinking about going up river.
I know. Basie, listen. – Jim
The plan is we’re going to a Sampan, take it up the Yangtze. Rendezvous with some Hanka friend of mine.
Are they proper pirates do you mean? – Jim
Let’s just call them gentleman of fortune shall we? Did you ever see the hell drivers in Shanghai? Of course I did on the newsreels crashing their motorcars right through a burning wall.

Shanghai, Jim

Sit. Sit *Speaking Chinese* Make a muscle

Somebody lobbed a grenade**I bet you there are no mines you can walk through that fence. Anywhere**You’re on, my friend**You’ll be losing a lot of weight.**My life.**Don’t let me down, kid. You’re an American now**No, Jim. I’ll tell you when it’s time.**

steven is the man at ruga, and he looks hot in his shorts

That’s certainly worth the readers digest. Increase your word power.
I learned a new one today. Pragmatist. – Jim

There was oppulance!

Tokyo is in bombing range now.
Tokyo?- Jim
Time to think of going home soon.
We’ll have to leave the camp? – Jim
That’s the idea, Jim. First one side feeds you and the other side tries to get you killed and then it’s turned round. It’s all timing.

Will you tell me when it’s time? – Jim
Promise?- Jim

We all know that the best school is the UNIVERSITY OF LIFE!

You walked all the way down here from Nantou Stadium? Huh? What’d you see there Jim? Huh? Rich pickings, crystal chandeliers, cocktail bars, white pianos.

Jim! Didn’t I teach you anything?

Come on Jim I’ll take you back to your Dad. You can retire. We’ll fill up the pool and eat three meals a day.

Hey kid, want a Hershey’s bar?

You’re a tired boy, Jim.

You’re welcome, Jim. You’ve got nice manners. I appreciate that. Jim, now it’s chow time. Come on you’ve got to get in line. Keep the ball on, light on your toes, first in line. I think you’re father would agree with me.

You’ve got the British men’s dorm to go to when the Mister and Misses get sick of you.

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