Movie Quotes from Ella Enchanted: Quotes from the movie Ella Enchanted

(1)I specialize in the art of origami.(2)Paper folding?

**singing** Can somebody find me, someone to love?

As they scrathched their newfound itches,
Ella was off, glad to be rid of the b… witches

Hold your tongue Ella!

King edgar: Who are you going to believe? This lying little twit? Or the man who raised you?

Heston tries to bite Char’s leg, Ella kicks Heston away.

Girl: He tried to kill Char!!!

Char: Well! I guess that answers THAT question!

Ladies! Please stop licking the foyer!

Ladies! Please stop tonguing the foyer!

You will never kiss him again!

Wanna bet?

Page Topic: Movie Quotes from ‘Ella Enchanted’: Quotes from the movie ‘Ella Enchanted’

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