Movie Quotes from Elizabethtown: Quotes from the movie Elizabethtown

As someone once said, there’s a difference between a failure and a fiasco.

Call me back….. SOMEBODY call me BACK!!!!

did i miss 60B? DID I MISS 60B?!??!?! DID I MISS 60B?!?!?

Do you ever just think I’m fooling everybody?

do you hear that? THAT is the sound of shit hotting the fan…globally.

Drew: I’m gonna have to call you back.
Heather: Okay, just dial HELL and I’ll answer.

Everybody is less mysterious than they think they are.

I am impossible to forget but hard to remember.

I don’t know a lot about everything, but I do know a lot about the part of everything that I know, which is people.

I miss your lips and everything attached to them

I spend so much time thinking about all the answers to the problem that I forget what the problem actually was.

I think I’ve been asleep most of my life.

You have five minutes to wallow in the delicious misery. Enjoy it. Embrace it. Discard it. And proceed.

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