Movie Quotes from Election: Quotes from the movie Election

(to himself) Paul…Paul…Paul for President…Promise…Progress… Peanut.

1)I’m not like you okay? 2)What do you mean? 1)I’m not a DYKE!

1)Not wasting any time, are you, Tracy? 2)Well you know what they say about the early bird. 1)Yes…I do.

1)She’s trying to get back at me. 2)For what? 1)I mean at you. 2)For WHAT?!

1)What’s your favorite fruit? 2)Pears. 1)Okay, let’s say– 2)No, no, no, wait! Apples. 2)Let’s say that all you ever knew were apples. Just apples, apples, and more apples. Then one day, there’s an orange. Now you’ve got to take a stand: do you want an apple or do you want an orange–that’s democracy! 1)I also like bananas.

And every afternoon after school Lisa and I would go to her house to fuck and have a hot tub. It was like we were in a world all our own.

And thank you, God, for what I’ve been told is a large penis.

Fuck me. Fill me up. Fuck me. Fill me up.

Her pussy gets so wet.

I guess its true what dave says…if you are going to be great you’ve got to be lonely

I mean where is she really getting at anyway…and what is she doing in that limo?! Who the fuck does she think she is?!!! (throws his drink at the limo then runs away)

It’s not like I’m a lesbian or anything. I’m attracted to the person. It’s just that all the people I’ve been attracted to happen to be girls.

Larry, we’re not electing the fucking Pope here. Just tell me who won!

Oh, and one more thing about Tracy…

Okay! You’re on, Mr. Popular!

Pick Flick!

senior class president…close and special…harmonious and productive…you and i

The only promise that I will make is that if I’m elected I will immediately disband the student government so that nobody will ever have to sit through one of these stupid assemblys again!

The weak are always trying to sabatoge the strong.

Tracy, it seems to me like you could use a friend…

Vote Paul Metzler! He’s the Betzler!

What is she doing in DC? Whose limo is she getting out of? Who the f*** does she think she is?

What’s the difference between morals and ethics?

whispering, tracey:i told you i told you it was her YOUR GONNA PAY FOR MY POSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who put you up to this?


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