Movie Quotes from Dumb and Dumberer: Quotes from the movie Dumb and Dumberer

(Harry)Is this your special place?
(Lloyd) No, I just usually eat in the crapper. Saves time. You know, out with the old, in with the new.

(Lewis) So, if I had a girlfriend, Terry, I could bring her here and do stuff…with her?
(Turk) You got it, jerk off.

1)We don’t drink out of the hose now do we?

He shit everywhere!

There is nothing more American than doing nothing and getting away with it.

There’s shit all over my car!

Wipe your feet. My parents are totally anal. That’s gross.

Your milk bubbles look nice, Jessica.

according to the map we’ve only gone 4 inches


Are you trying to be funny, or are you actually re-re-re…special

Chicks are for fags

Chicks are for fags.


everything was fine until he stuck his weiner in my ear!


The second ‘r’s silent
Oh that makes much more sense

harry, why are you covered in poo?

Harry: Here i am braggin that my mom is the tooth fairy and your santa’s kid!

Harry: I never thought it would hurt so bad…. especially in the ass!

Harry: Look at her milk bubbles.

Harry:You found my treasure…why didn’t you tell me?
Lloyd:Three words…I Did.

Here I am bragging that my moms the toothfairy and you’re santas kid

Hey, I like your stew Mrs. Dunn. Actually Lloyd its meatloaf, but you just put everything into your soup. I LIKE IT ALOT

Hope the carpet matches the drapes.

I can smell you stinky fanuter froom here

I can turn on all the faucents in my house…even the hose.
But we don’t drink from the hose, do we?

I know the type, lives in the basement, smells like a sponge

I love Brian

I Love Brian too!


I’m just kidding of course I’ll be your partner. Man, you have some serious self-worth issues my ugly, pudgy friend.

It’s are own special bus harry

It’s on like Donkey Kong

Jessica: Be at my house at 7. Harry: O-clock?

Jessica:Lloyd did you just fart? Lloyd:Maybe

Lloyd to Harry: The next time Turk’s passing out wedgies YOUR NOT GETTING ONE!

Lloyd, is that what I think it is? No.. it’s a treasure map.

lloyd: harry can you hear me ?
harry: yes
jessica: yes what ?
lloyd: no, don’t answer me, say what i say
harry: ok
jessica: ok what ?
lloyd: you have beautiful eyes
harry: you have beautiful eyes
jessica: thank you
lloyd: oh hey there where’d you come from ?
harry: where’d you come from ?
jessica: i was born in st. louis..
lloyd: do you want me to pet your head ?
harry: do you want me to pet your head ?
lloyd: i bet you want your head scratched
harry: i bet you want your head scratched
jessica: noo why ? we still have a lot to talk about
(rough rough)
lloyd: don’t you snap at me! you’re lucky i don’t punch you right in the face
harry: don’t snap at me like that, you’re lucky i don’t punch you in the face
lloyd: i can almost smell your stinky fanuder from here
harry: i can almost smell your stinky fanuder from here
jessica: harry!
lloyd: now what are you starting at you ugly monkey ?
harry: now what are you starting at you ugly monkey ?
dad: jessica, who’s this ?
jessica: its harry
dad: why is he talking to you like that ?
jessica: he’s… ..special

Lloyd: hey kid wanna make 2dollars. Kid: ok Lloyd: go in there and get us 2slushes Kid: ok wheres the 2dollars. Lloyd: um…i said dollhairs u cant take that back Kid: ok wheres the 2dollhairs then Harry: how bout 5bucks instead Lloyd: goodone harry

lloyd: I’m gonna miss the bus dad. Gotta go im gonna be late.
dad: but you’re already at school. we go through this every year.

lloyd: I’m gonna miss the bus dad. Gotta go.
dad: but you’re already at school. we go through this every year.

Lloyd: Oh no I’ve got a brain freeze lloyd! What do I do? Harry: DRINK FASTER LLOYD IT’S THE ONLY WAY!

Lloyd: Why Dont u look familiar? Harry: maybe because we’ve never met? Lloyd: no no, thats not it. oh well, Lloyd, Lloyd CHristmas, Harry: UR SANTA CLAUSE’S SON!

Lloyd:Harry!, u gotta look both ways buddy

Lloyd:Invisibility shield! Neee ommmm….Harry: I know where you are!!

lloyd:your it..harry: whats it?..lloyd: i dont know exactly..but it’s something you dont want to be and right now are

maybe soon ill be your new daddy, Loyd shes my mom, listen i cant help my heart. Thats right when Im your new daddy ur gunna have to do what i say, WILL NOT, Dont you take that tone with me young man, SHUT UP, I will stop this car right now. YOUR NOT my real dad. YOU TAKE THAT BACK, BE quiet BUTLICK…AHHH! where did u learn that word? I learned it from….LISTENING TO YOU! I HATE YOU…

My mom is the toothfairy and your santas son!

My two favorite flavours…cherry, and green!

Now we have to find kids who are special, needy, and classy enough(holding up 4 fingers)to be in our Special needs class

oh.. my…god! theres shit everywhere! theres shit on the window theres shit on the floor….he shit everywhere! drink it fast go faster,faster,faster it the only way!!

Please pay me the $2.50.

run faster you’ll go back in time!

Suicide of deliciousness


They still have my two favorite flavors..cherry..and green

three words…i did

Time for french fries now!

Turk: hey freak show. Did Jessica give you that banana in your pants
Harry: No. My mom did
Turk: Gross
Harry: Wanna Bite

Turk:whoa..did jessica give you that banana in your pants??….harry:no my mom did,…………turk: eww …..harry (pulling a banana out of his pocket): wanna bite?

We were having a great time until he decided to stick his weiner in my ear

Were retarded so we get our own specail bus!!

whats that smell? that would be me sir. wife made stew lastnight.

Wow the bus is shorter then we thought!

ya, is this going to be in the midterm

Your mom totally just made a move on me…. maybe soon I’ll be your new daddy

Your mom!!!

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