Movie Quotes from Drive: Quotes from the movie Drive

DELIVERANCE: Mahlik, I know I rock your urula.
MAHLIK: Well I don’t know what a urula is, but you sure put some rocks in it.

Go Toby go Toby go, go Toby go Toby go.

Hey! It’s my favourite cheese eatin’ dick monkey!

Mahlik: Whoah! Careful! This is the original Five Fingers of Death over here.
Cop: Yeah, aren’t they all?

Now THAT’S eatin’ pavement!

Stick your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye, Turbo Drive.

That is one really smart frog.

That son of a bitch could eat flour and shit cupcakes.

We are going. This ain’t the Batmobile!

Who says violence is not the answer?

Woo, here comes the cavalry. Let’s swing our dicks.

Yeah, a good hot day for a killin’

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