Movie Quotes from Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story: Quotes from the movie Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story

1) My brother can’t walk right. Can’t talk right. You have dishonered my family. I have sworn to kill you.
2) Swearing is easy.

1)Did I tell you I was the Cha-Cha-Cha king of Hong Kong?
2)About a hundred times. Did I tell you I was pregnant?
2)Make that twice.

a) Philosophy major, now what can you do with a philosophy major?
b) You can think deep thoughts about being unemployed.

Ah, what is this a fight or a striptease?

Are you ashamed you wanna marry a China man?

Be like the nature of water. Water the softest stuff on Earth, but it can fit into any container. It seems weak, but it can penetrate rock.

Bill and I will just roll into Kung Fu.

Bruce: Don’t touch me.
Thug: Or what?
Bruce: Or I’ll touch you back.

Caught the flyer. Seen some of them Chop-Saki flicks. Some cool shit.

Don’t go too far, hon. It’ll be over in sixty seconds.

Ease up, Ease up. We come in peace. My name is Benny Seals, and this is Ted Overton. We just want to ask you a question. That jui-jitsu stuff, can you teach us? Can anyone learn?

I want to stop breaking my wife’s heart. I want to play with my kids without having to look at the clock.

I was thinking I would like to take you some place else. Some place good.

I’d like to take some lessons….I’d love to give them….Solid. Now you know I’m not Chinese.

I’ll beat any man in this room in sixty seconds!

Jeet Kune Do is not to hurt, but is one the avenues through which life opens itself.

Man, I told you it’s secret Chink stuff.

Mr. Ho, you’re here to cook, not to make trouble.

Not a China Man’s chance. They say that too? You ever hear that?

People often wonder about the way he died. I prefer to remember the way he lived.

See, you’ve been reading the wrong rule book. You gotta read the ones in English.

The key to immortality is living a life worth remembering. (epitath)

They’re American. I have to get back to America or I’ll lose them. If I lose them, nothing means anything.

Two brothers tried to rob him. One went to the hospital, the one with the gun went to a funeral home.

Wash your shirt Mr. White Man. Please? No ticky. No shirty. Only one from column A, and one from colum B. Me happy to build the railroads!

Well, things are different now. Is today.

You coming? I have to finish my workout. Might as well finish on you.

You gotta read the small print…

You guys killed my dad in Korea, you think I’m happy to see you in my gym?

You mom must think you’re a professional bowler by now.

Your mom must think you’re a professional bowler by now.

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