Movie Quotes from Down to You: Quotes from the movie Down to You

1 Something Sacred. 2 Thank you! Cake is my world.

1 You’re single though right? 2 This is supposed to be about you not me. 1 Its been about you a little bit.

1) vices? 2)shampoo 1(so that rumor was true? 2)its open for interpretation

1)And I’m taking a break to find myself. 2)Kinda like taking a break to explore yourself? 1)I’m looking to share myself. And it looks like the 60s are in town.

1)Greatest accomplishment since I last saw you? 2)Making friends with a spider. 1)Vices? 2)Shampoo.

1)Is this love or illusion? 2) (laughs) Burgendy.

1)She’s got you. 2)What? 1)Its a better pick than ‘Crazy.’ 2)Depends on your mood, I guess.

1)So, can I psychoanalyse you? 2)Uh, sure. 1)Childhood–good or bad. 2)Uh, good AND bad. 1)Favorite foods. 2)This is such an intense subject for me. Fish, I love fish.

1)So, what do you think? 2)Very beefy, Eddie.

1)That guy looks like Jim Morrison from the Doors. 2)His name IS Jim Morrison.

1)What song did my mom suggest we pick? 2)She said we should pick something personal and timeless–a classic. 1)So? 2)’You can be my bitch’ by Master B? 1)Is that the live version or radio edit? 2)Live, since he burns the stage down and starts a riot. 1)Nice, very nice.

1)Wow, I’ve never seen your Camelot before. 2)Then see it from the king’s eyes. Don’t worry, friend, I’ll return her.

1)you’re being a real bitch, you know that? 2) well you’re an old man and I hate that! and I hate you!

1.I see you with the twig in the corner. 2.Skinny frat boy wihtout a frat, whatever.

By the time you realise what a mistake you just made, i will be long gone.

cake is my world!

can I pychoanylize you?

Fish, I love Fish


Hey Skinny, you know where the man they call Horse is?

How can this work?

I don’t know – but we’ve come this far!!

How can this work?

I don’t know but we’ve come this far!!

I miss the tingles.

I miss the tingles…

I slept with Tim.. GET THE FUCK OUT!

I’d really like to unfold her napkin!

It’s not the meaning of life, its the feeling of life.

Its not the meaing of life, Alfred, its the feeling of life…Look at that park down there…just think how many loves lost and found in it, how many first kisses kissed, frisbees lost…and just remember…thats your park my friend and you’ve got your whole life to walk through it.

One day a little spider came donw from the ceiling. his name was Owen and he told me he had lived in that apartment for his whole life and he’d never seen a tenant spend so much time alone. He asked if I wanted him to spin a web over the door so no one could get in. i told him ‘No thanks’ Even though it sounded like the best idea yet, but Owen the spider had a good point. Stop feeling sorry for yourself..

Post college years – glass half empty or half full?
Half Empty
I’d have to say half empty too!!
Greatest accomplishment since leaving college?
Making friends with a spider
Is that rumour true?
It’s open to interpretation. What are your vices?
This is supposed to be about you?
It’s a little about you. So what are your vices?

That kiss belongs in a box so i can show my grandchildren

That’s what I get for drinking in between drinks.

Tingles and everything.

What’s with the mullet cut? Oh yeah this is pretty cool right? These are coming back, they are you know.

You were always my lancelot I was just never your king

You were always my lancelot. I was just never your king.

You’re the cutest one in New York

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