Movie Quotes from Dodge City: Quotes from the movie Dodge City

–I’m just going to mosey around and take in the sights.
–Well, look out you don’t become one of them.

Colonel Dodge, when do we start for Virginia City?

Columbia, the gem of the ocean.

Gentlemen, that’s the symbol of America’s future – progress. Iron men and iron horses. You can’t beat them.

Getting married has ruined a lot of good men.

I’ll wager two minutes after you were born, you were telling the doctor what to do.

The only real native of Kansas is the buffalo. He’s got a very hard head, a very uncertain temper, and a very lonely future. Apart from that, there’s hardly any comparison between you.

There’s no law west of Chicago. And west of Dodge City, no God.

You’re the sort who doesn’t really get into trouble until they start nailing the lid down on your coffin.

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