Movie Quotes from Diva: Quotes from the movie Diva

Business would adapt to art, not the other way around.

Donna Prima: Listen David…your a bum..I can’t fuck you like I used to. I’m a DIVA now. Divas don’t fuck people like you. I can’t go on! Especially the way we used to fuck. The way you used to tease me with that cactus plant that was on that little table by our bed. Sometimes you ‘teased’ too hard…(coughs uncomfortably to get off the subject). Yes well anyways..I’m leaving you..don’t try to stop me, don’t even try to hold me back and fuck me like the old kinky times…I’m a Diva DAMN it (Outraged!!!) I don’t fuck like that! I fuck like a Diva which is not being teased by a fucking Cactus plant! Or being thumped by you while you teased me by sticking toothpicks up my crack! THAT is not DIVA LIKE( outraged again!!!) Jesus Christ, I’m a superstar. And I do not get teased! I get fucked nicely and Diva like! Because I’m a Diva and should get fucked like one! DIVA DIVA DIVA!!! I know your probably thinking shes a different kind of Diva, one who likes to get it kinky and get cuffed up to a bed and then get dinner rolls thrown at me and then get tackled by horny apes and then have you take out the whip and whip while I say ‘mmmmm freaky ouchy wouchy dick cock a doodle doo mama fucky suck it tit mom microphone AHHH tit fuck dild o and mooch i ga ga ga ‘…Well your WRONG!! DAMN IT! You ass whole the last thing I want to do one earth is get Kinky with you again! You are a bum and not suited for a diva, like me cause I’m a Diva and my pussy is so wide from you! You pompous ass whole. You just wanted my puss puss because you knew I was going to be a Diva and get fucked by everyone in site! No it is less enjoyable for me because you have Widened me up so much! I wish I was a ‘tight’ diva! I’m an all streched out Diva! WHY GOD WHY! Whats a Diva to do…I miss my old cactus days…but I am a diva now…I must forget them! You teased me with that old rusty wrench one time felt so good until you clamped it shut and started screaming ‘I want a bloody mary!!!’ I hate y

It suits you so badly, that it suits you very well.

Music. It comes and goes. Don’t try to keep it.

There is no such thing as innocent pleasure.

You will never be a diva. But if you suck my hard ass while it’s pooping out perogies then maybe I’ll consider it. I will give you a record contract if you wipe my violin ass tangerine dandruff dick all over your disgusting wrinkly titty cyclone tornado flash flood warning cooter brain vagina dick wad. Then maybe I’ll give you a fucking record deal. Tell ya what. Why don’t you get me some oily penicillin ass shit mowing the lawn shit while you suck my chocolate flavored nipps dipped in whipped cream with nuts sprinkled on them with meracino cherries popping out of my pee hole. Then maybe we can talk about being famous. Why don’t you break down that door right there and we can lay on it while we’re having animal monkey sex and I pound your cooch with a sludge hammer while gliding over a one horse open sleigh. Then I’ll jingle my balls in your mouth while you bite them open and see what’s inside. Then we’ll go to JCPenney and fuck on their bite size bedroom sets while I watch you scream in agony about how much you want my nasty ass while testes. Then we’ll talk business.Why don’t you make me a fucking mocha cappucino and rub it on my fire croch while I watch you fuck a stool made of meracino cherries. Then we’ll talk. After you tie my dog’s dick’s shoelace then we’ll talk business. Why don’t you shove your wristwatch into my pee hole and make it bleed. Then you can be like Dracula and suck the blood from the peni.Then I’ll make you famous. Then you’ll be a diva. Why don’t you go mow the grass in your father’s cummed-out g-string while you wash your mom’s breasts with olive oil. Then we’ll talk success all right? After you scrub the fuck out of my dogs pubes with pert plus body wash I’ll suck your mechanical dick and you can suck my wooden dick with wooden teeth. Then you’ll be a diva.

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