Movie Quotes from Dick Tracy: Quotes from the movie Dick Tracy

‘All’s fair in love and business’ – Benjamin Franklin.

–Around me, if a girl don’t wear fur, she don’t wear nothin.
–Well, I look good both ways.

–I’m on duty.
–What’s your day off?
–It’s a big world…Must be Sunday somewhere.

1)No grief for lips? 2)I’m wearing black underwear.

30 seconds no more dick 30 seconds no more dick

>Bi-bee-dee… Bi-bee-dah… Bi-bee-dee…
>> Ok, you’ve got his testimony.
(stenographer is baffled)

a full on affair now observing tight security

a man is not as good as his plan and his plan is not as good as the man, by ??, ah wait oh wait i have a thought yes yes i have a thought oh its coming im having a thought….opps i lost it

Aren’t you gonna frisk me?

Calling Dick Tracy! Calling Dick Tracy!

Dick. That’s an interesting name. Makes me hurt just thinking about it.

I sweat a lot better in the dark.

I’m wearing black underwear.

madona: thank you for calling me, I was beggining to wonder what a girl has to do to get herself arrested.
dick: wearing that dress is a step in the right direction.

Take the bad men away. They frighten me.

Tess, you’re the greatest.


We’ve got rights.

When do we eat? (repeated over and over)

Where’s Lips Manliss?

you like walnuts big boy? big boy) yes i do they say that walnuts are good for the liver. dick) yeah but there bad for the brain.

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