Movie Quotes from Destry Rides Again: Quotes from the movie Destry Rides Again

–You’re sure you’re Destry?
–Folks is always asking me that.

Aside from being nice ornaments, a fellow can have a whole lot of harmless amusement with these toys.

Here’s your badge. Don’t let anybody see it.

I think I’ll stick around. I had a friend once who collected postage stamps. Said the best thing about ’em was they stuck to one thing till they got there. I’m kinda like that too.

I’ll bet you have a lovely face under all that paint. Why don’t you wipe it off some day and have a good look?

I’m gonna stay here and do the job I came for. My pa did it the old way, and I’m gonna do it the new way.

If I had a gun, why one of us might have got hurt, and it might have been me. I wouldn’t have like that, would I?

The longer they wait, the better they like it.

The sheriff’s been suddenly called out of town on urgent business. He’ll be gone permanently.

There’s gold in them thar hills!

We’ll fool ’em together.

You shoot it out with them and for some reason they get to look like heroes. You put ’em behind bars and they look little and cheap.

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