Movie Quotes from Derailed: Quotes from the movie Derailed

#1 Charels Christopher Shine. Isn’t Shine a Jewish name? #2 Biblically. #1 Christopher? Shine #2 My Mom is Catholic. I’ve got all kinds of guilt. #1 How’s that working out for you. #2 Fine. I a had a lot of therapy as a kid.

#1 Tomorrow is fine… of course there is a 10 percent interest charge overnight. #2 Interest charge? #1 Plus a handling fee. #2 Ouch. I’ve never met a woman loan shark before. Do you break legs too? #1 Just balls.

–La Roche.–Yeah?–I chose this prison.

I’m a financial advisor. I cheat clients.

It’s a nice briefcase.

Never met a woman loan shark before.

Oh, in finance, every day is a busy day.

Oh, so it’s the wife’s fault, is it?

Pay up, buster!

Prison’s like walkin’ a tightrope. You try not to get involved. Actin’ like you’re blind 24 hours a day.

The author intrigues the reader by twisting the narrative so you never know what’s coming next.

The morning it all began, began like any other morning.

They said people who drink coffee don’t like rap.

We communicate mainly via Hallmark.

We have a beautiful house in Lake Forest.

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