Movie Quotes from Dennis the Menace: Quotes from the movie Dennis the Menace

*Whatcha eatin’ there sport?
*Uh Apple.

1. Nobody shoots a marble at my head and sets my pants on fire! 2. But that was an accident! 1. THERE AREN’T GONNA BE NO MORE ACCIDENTS!

1:Can I tell you a story? 2:Is it about flowers and lambs? 1:No. 2:Okay.

1:Do forts got carpet 2:No! 1:Forts don’t got carpet! 3:They do know hot lips.

But I’m not even wrinkled up yet, keep reading

Cop:I run a nice clean town and I don’t want any trouble…So why don’t you just follow the sun on outta here.
Dirty Guy:Only reason I ain’t moved on is cuz you stopped ta give me tha breeeeze. (bites teeth twice) [nice teeth huh?]

G.D. Garden Lanterns!

He’s a menace!

He’s only a boy ha?

hey mr wilson!

I betcha I know what it is. I betcha it’s your address. Ya wanna know how I know? My friends got a lock on his bike and he uses his address for the combination.

I made an ‘I’m sorry I shot paint in your chicken card’

I think i better go outside to play

I think that little rat put Mouthwash in my Nasal Spray and Toilet Cleanser in my Mouthwash.


Joey:FORTS DON;T GOT CARPET Margart: They do now hot lipa

Mickey:I will never be big Enug (enough)…. What’s the point of reading lies? This is so stupid, you ready to come out of there man?
Dennis: I’m not even wrinkled up yet! Keep reading.
Mickey: But I will never be anything but a coal train sobed, sobbbed, sabobbed Huffy.

MR WILSON: why do you ask so many questions? DENNIS: I’m only five years old, there’s alot of things I don’t know.

Mr. Mitchell:do you have a slingshot?
Dennis: I dunno
Mitchell: Give to me

My parents are always happy in the morning. My dad’s so happy that he whistles when he goes to the bathroom. The only time he isn’t happy is on Sunday morning, when he and my mom wrestle. They kinda wanna be alone when they do that. It think it’s cuz they take off their shirts and then they start making funny noises…

Oh G.D. Wading Pool

over my dead body this is the crowning moment of my retired life and i’m not going to throw it away like the evening trash for some ninny who can’t get her keester to the airport on time.

Shes up stairs using my moms arm pit perfume. she says youre sucha stud… she gets nervous and sweats a lot

tastes like paint…and wood.

This is my buddy, this is my pal

When my old man had something important to tell me, he told me with his belt.

Why is it when everyone feasts on the pleasures of life and i get the indigestion?

Wow! His heart sounds like our washing machine!

You’re a pest, a spoiled child, a menace, you took something of mine that i could never get back, i don’t wanna know you, i don’t wanna see you, get out of my way.

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