Movie Quotes from Dead Man: Quotes from the movie Dead Man

#1: Do you have any tobacco?
#2: I don’t smoke.

1) I make flowers made out of paper, smell. What does it smell like? 2)…paper.

1)His hair’s soft… like a girl’s…. 2)By god it is soft. Now how do you get it that a’way? See this stuff here? Well it’s just like barn hay — not a durn thing I kin do with it.

1. Are you Wiliam Blake? 2. Yes, have you read my poetry? (Shoots men)

Here’s white man’s metal next to your heart. I tried to cut it out, but it’s too deep inside. A knife would cut your heart instead…and release the spirit from within. Stupid fucking white man. Do you have any tobacco?

Look out the window. And doesn’t this remind you of when you were in the boat?

My blood is mixed. My mother was Ohm gahpi phi gun ni. My father is Abso luka. This mixture was not respected.

The eagle never lost so much time as when he submitted to learn from the crow.

Who the hell are you? And where did you get that goddamn clown suit? Cleveland?

But I understand, William Blake. You were a poet, and a painter. And now, you are a killer of white men!

we need more beer

to lunch

Fuck me? FUCK YOU!

I was taken to Toronto.


It’s better to be Nobody, then He Who Talks But Says Nothing

my friend commited suicide,… he slit his wrists, took some pills, put a bag on his head and jumpped of a bridge…… was a mess when i found it…

My name is William Blake…have you heard my poetry?

Often the stench of White Man preceeds him…

Stupid fucking white man…

Yes…he killed em….fucked em….cut em up…and ate em

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