Movie Quotes from Dead Man Walking: Quotes from the movie Dead Man Walking

(1) I’m not here for your amusement Matthew. I’m here for a little respect. (2) Why, coz you’re a nun and you have a cross in your neck?
(1) No, because I’m a person and a person deserves respect.

(1) You’re a sister? (2) Yes. (1) You’re not from MTV? (2) No.
(1) Are you sure? (2) Yes.

Clyde): How can you stand next to him? Sister Helen): Mr. Percy, I’m just trying to follow the example of Jesus, who said that a person is as good as his best deed. Clyde): This is not a person. This is an animal.

Dead man walkin’.

Do you take responsibility for their deaths?—-
Yes Ma’am.

I ain’t getting into no bible quoting contest with a nun.

I ain’t goin to the chair daddy!

I want the last face you see in this world to be the face of love, so you look at me when they do this thing. I’ll be the face of love for you.

It’s not faith. It’s work.

It’s quiet. Only three days left. Plenty of time to read my Bible and look for a loophole

It’s quiet. Only three days left. Plenty of time to read my Bible and look for a loophole.

Look at you. Death is looking down your neck, and you’re playing your little male come-on games.

Redemption isn’t some kinda free admission ticket you get because Jesus paid the price. You have to participate in your own redemption. You got some work to do.

Sister Helen): Show me some respect, Matthew. Matthew): Why? ‘Cause you’re a nun? Sister Helen): Because I’m a person.

State trooper): I never gave a ticket to a nun before. I gave a ticket to a guy from the IRS one time. Got audited the next year. I’ll tell you what, this time I’ll let this one slide, but keep your speed down, yeah?

when I walk through the shadow of death>

Yeah, she was a nasty little thing.
I’m sory Mama, she was a fine, upstanding young woman.

Your heart’s in the right place, but a full heart shouldn’t follow an empty head.

Your mind does crazy things when you’re locked up and surrounded by people who wants to kill you.

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