Movie Quotes from D.C. Cab: Quotes from the movie D.C. Cab

(1)(drunk man) Take me to the National Airport. (2)That’s the airport way across town. Cost you fifty bucks! (whispering to person in front seat with him), shoulda axed him for a hundred, huh? (3)He passed out cold. (2)(slams on brakes) National Airport! Fifty bucks!

1. Did you do drugs Dell? 2. I dont remember.

1. I bet you gonna tell harold about the drunk and how I left you out here aint you? 2. Not if you let me ride with you tonight Tyrone.

1.I say kill the fuckers!2. You are a pitiful bitch.

1.Jesus Tyrone 2. Aint I just a dumb badass nigger.

1.Why dont you get off the street and get a real job? 2.I need the bread.1. Then get a job in a bakery.

1: Hey you gotta a good word Mr.Rhythem? 2: Hey if Mr.Rhythem say if you can go through the night without commiting suicide then you OK 1:uh I don’t think i’ll pay you for that one Mr.Rhythem

1: Where to baby? 2:Nowhere with you!! 1: Tough to be a man baby

1:Hey man were working hard doing the best we can and all you wanna do is close us down, where’s a cat like you at? 2:If you had any education you’d now you don’t end a sentence with a preposition. 3:Oh OK so where you at ASSHOLE!

1:you see any cops? 2: If there were any we lost em

DON’T let ya’ dick run ya’ life!

Ah sucker twelve o’clock and high.

Albert did you know that D.C. is 75% nig ,black colored whatever you call it? And you made a good move getting in now just like me. Just like in the army cause nobody ever goes in the army anymore except blacks. Someday some nigger is gonne wake up and say we got the guns tanks and the mustard gas and be running the whole country and we’ll be in with them already and be token whites.

Albert you gotta know your districts, and this is the worst right here

And the twenty you owe me brother.

Can you ride with me? What is you, drunk?

Can you tell me where I could find Harold Oswald?

Dont let your dick run your life.

Fool! Your fare is the only thing stopping me from breaking your face!

Get outta my cab! I’m rich I’m rich I’m fucking rich!


Here hold this{hands him a vibrator}. Oh yeah priorities.

Hey baby cogratulations welcome to the wonderful world of minimun wages.

Hey Harold where’s my wheels? There’s women all over D.C. waiting for me

Hey hey baby wheres my wheels? Theres women all over D.C. waiting for me.

Hey wheres my fare? Call the cops wise ass.

Hold it! I want to get one thing straight here or I am walking too. I don’t work January 8th cause that’s Elvis’s birthday.

Holy shit the violin.

I always wanted to do something for the kids in the nieghborhood. But I wound up driving this cab. Stuck like a turtle in a shell. So go out there and do something with yourself Albert. Don’t become a turtle like me.

I am the angel of death take me to hell. Got any luggage

I dont want the gun,I dont want the gun,I dont want the gun[he gets the gun]alright motherfucker.

I dont want to go to nigger heaven.

i found him, i found him i found that karate motherfucker.


I love this man, not because he is the hack inspector but because he is a marvelous human being!

I wound up in this cab, stuck like a turtle in a shell.

I’m sorry brother, but i don’t have a minute. So you can do what you want to do but i owe Albert. I owe him for helping me find the things I never had before. Things like pride and dignity. So I’m going out there after them. Because the least I can find is my self respect and the most I can find is Albert and dem kids.

If I get killed I’m gonna kick your ass!

If I wanted responsibility I would have been a damn sex surragate.

If I wanted responsibility I’d have become a damn sex surrogate!

It is tough to be a man, baby!

Its the car Albert I cant keep them away from the car.

Jolene Jolene get out here.

Marty,Marty,Marty get a pail of oats for the last of the Mohicans here.

mr. rythem says that which make you can also break you.

My cab aint no motel. You a pitiful specimen of manhood.

My daddy came back from the Korean war with his brain so scrambled, he thought he was Jesus, then they put him in the nuthouse for 5 years, he didn’t think he was jesus nomore, he thought he was god, wich made me jesus

Myrna, you know the only thing wrong with oral sex? The view!

Okay now you take us in and dont be sneaking no look at my picture of Irene.

Stay outta my way Albert white bread chickenshit Hockenberry.

Take your eyes off of my grandaughter cabbie

Then get a job in a bakery.

They got Albert they got Albert.

Time out fool.I lost my roller.

to be a pshyic blood brother you must to three things 1 got to have a hack license 2 got to have a mask 3 you got to make the run.

Uncle Sampson uncle Sampson.

Well answer it Stud Muffin.

What’s the good word, Mr. Rhythm?

Why are women so uptight?

You ain’t got no company, you have an asylum. You have animal magnetism, you attract animals!

You gonna be chickenshit the rest of your life, Albert? And don’t think I feel sorry for you because your daddy died. My father came back from the Korean war with his brains so scrambled, he thought he was Jesus. They put him in a nuthouse for five years, when he come out, he didn’t think he was Jesus no more. He thought he was God! Which made me Jesus! This shit got pretty heavy!

You have a lovely figure maam.

You herd me, don’t let your dick run your life, thats Mr.Rhythm’s good advice, saved your ass, only cost you a quarter

You know on the news they always say the white house this the white house that they’re not kidding the house talks.

Your a good musician Babba.

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