Movie Quotes from Day After Tomorrow, The: Quotes from the movie Day After Tomorrow, The

(we need to find penicillin)JD:it’s all in russian. Brian:hey guys i found it. Sam:how do you know? Brian:because it says penicillin on the bottle.

1) Maybe you should get someone to help you with that radio. 2) I’m the president of the electronics club, the math club, and the chess club, if there’s a bigger nerd in here please tell me.

1)You need to get out of their right now. 2) I;m afrid that time has come and gone my friend. 1) So what should we do now?. 2) Save as many as you can

1. All our grid models are worthless. 2. I don’t think grid models are going to be a lot of help here. The Canadians are reporting tremendous circulation moving in from the Arctic. In Siberia, there’s a low-pressure system unlike anything we’ve seen and Austraila just saw the strongest typhoon ever recorded.

1. Damn 1,500 dollar waterproof raincoat! 2. Please, shut up, man. 2. There’s rats everywhere! 2. That’s cause it’s New York!

1. Do you think it’ll run on this? -holds out bottle- 2. Are you mad? That’s a 12-year old Scotch!

1. Frank, is he always this obsessive? 2. and 3. Yes! 1. Does he ever lighten up? 2. No. 3. Not really. 1. How long have you been working with him? 3. Oh, Frank’s been working with him since the Stone Age but I only had to endure two years of servitude.

1. Friedrich Nitzche, we cannot burn Friedrich Nitzche, he was the most important thinker of the 19th century. 2. Oh, please, Nitzche was a chavunist pig who was in love with his sister. 1. He was not a chavunist pig. 2. But he was in love with his sister!

1. Hello, professor, how was India? 2. Oh, you know how scientific galleries are, all dancing girls, wine, and parties.

1. Hold on, Jack, are you saying that these weather anomalies are going to continue? 2. Not just continue, get worse. I think we’re on the verge of a major climate shift.

1. Hours ago, three helicopters went down over Scotland. They crashed because the fuel in their lines froze. On the ground, people froze before they could get out of their cars, even. 2. What does- 1. Negative 150 degrees farienheit, I mean we had to look it up. The temperature dropped phenomally fast.

1. How big is this thing? 2. The vortex is 50 miles in diameter, and growing, the two cells over Europe and Asia are even bigger. This one’s going to hit New York inside an hour.

1. I couldn’t let you leave New York without seeing the Natural History Museum. 2. ~jokingly~ Oh, yes, it’s the finest collection of stuffed animals! 3. Hey, check this out, this mammoth was uncovered in Siberia with food still in it’s mouth and stomach, indicating that it froze instantly while grazing!

1. I don’t accept that abandoning half the country is necessary. 2. Maybe if you listened to him sooner, it wouldn’t be. 1. Bullshit, it’s easy for him to accept this plan, he’s safely here in Washington! 2. His son is in Manhattan. I just thought you ought to know that before you start questioning his motives.

1. I know you have a talent for rubbing people the wrong way, Jack, but why for the love of God, would you aggravate the vice president? 2.Because my 17-year old kid knows more about science then he does. 1. Your 17-year old son doesn’t control our budget, it doesn’t matter if HE hates you.
2. My son doesn’t hate me.
1. You’re missing the point.

1. It’s out of service! 2. I’ll give you a hundred dollars to put it in service, no, two hundred, I won’t have it. ~mumbles~ Oh, I love buses, this is going to be so much fun!

1. Man, this storm is everywhere, it’s hit the entire northern hemisphere! Europe is buried under 15 feet of snow and they say it’s going to get just as bad here, I mean, I don’t think your dad’s going to make it. 2. No, he’ll make it.

1. Mr. President, Los Angeles has just been devastated by a series of tornadoes, and the FAA wants your approval to suspend all air traffic. 2. What do you think we should do? 1. Until we can get this all figured out, I’m afraid we have no choice.

1. NOMAD buoy 4311 is showing a temperature drop…of 13 degrees. 2. Where is 4311? 1. George’s Bank. 2. Oh, it’s rough seas out there, strong winds may have knocked it about.

1. Nothing like this has ever happened before. 2. At least not in the last ten thousand years.

1. Okay, your turn, your favorite vacation. 2. Besides this one? -chuckles- A few years ago, I went with my dad to Greenland on one of his expeditions and the ship broke down and we got stuck, and it rained constantly. 1. -smiles- That sounds really boring. 2. It actually was pretty nice, you know? Just me and my dad hanging out for ten days.

1. One of our NOMAD buoys registered a 13-degree drop in ocean temperature the other day, I’ve sent you an email. 2. Hold on. 1. At first, we thought it was a malfunction, but there are 4 more buoys across the North Atlantic showing the same thing!

1. Our economy is every bit as fragile as our government. Perhaps you should keep that in mind while making sensationalist claims. 2. Well, the last piece of ice that broke off was the size of the state of Rhode Island, some people may call that pretty sensational.

1. Parker, this is Houston, we’re seeing some bad weather over Canaveral, doesn’t look like you’ll be back for a few days. Your wife’s gonna give me an earful. 2.~laughs~ Roger that.

1. Professor, it’s time you got out of there. 2. I’m afraid that time has come and gone, my friend.

1. Shouldn’t you be monitoring the weather or something? 2. This is L.A., what weather?

1. That’s ridiculus! How can he fail you for being smarter than he is? 2. That’s what I said. 1. Really? How’d he take it? 2. He flunked me, remember?

1. The eye of the storm has passed, and we’re 40 miles from Manhattan. 2. Jack, shouldn’t we wait one more day? 1. Sam may not have one more day.

1. The superstorm will last 7 to 10 days. After it’s over, ice and snow will cover the entire Northern Hemisphere. The ice and snow will reflect sunlight, the atmosphere will restabilize with an average temperature close to that of the last Ice Age. 2. What can we do about this? 1. Head as far south as possible. 3. That is not amusing, Professor. 4. Where do you suggest they go? 1. The farther south they go, the safer they’ll be. Texas, parts of Florida that aren’t flooded, Mexico would be best. 3. Mexico? Why don’t you stick to science and leave policy to us? 5. We’ve tried that approach. You didn’t want to hear about the science when it could’ve made a difference.

1. There are no forecast models remotely capable of plotting this scenario except yours. 2. My model is a reconstruction of a prehistoric climate shift, it’s not a forecast model. 1. It’s the closest thing we have.

1. This gauge here can’t be right. 2. Windspeed has dropped to zero! And there’s solid walls of cloud formation. 3. The bloody fuel lines are beginning to freeze!

1. This is very odd, there’s a buoy here registering a 13-degree drop in ocean temperature. 2. Oh, that buoy malfunctioned the other day, I’ll put a call in, see if there’s any ships near George’s Bank to get it. 1. This buoy isn’t at George’s Bank, it’s just off Greenland. 2. What? ~looks at computer~ What are the odds of two buoys failing? 1. Remote.~another blip shows on screen~ Make that three.

1. We’ve located two other supercells in addition to the one over Scotland. There’s one in northern Canada, and another one in Siberia. 2. And do we know their projected paths? 1. Yes, our previous estimates of six to eight weeks weren’t even close. This one storm is going to change the face of our planet. Here’s a projection of 24 hours out. ~shows map of world with the spreading three storms~ This is 48 hours out…and in seven to ten days. When this storm is over, we’ll be in a new Ice Age.

1. What about the people in the north? 2. It’s already too late for them, if they go outside, the storm will kill them.

1. What’s that you got there? 2. A Gutenburg Bible. It was in the rare books room. 1. You think God’s going to save you? 2. No, I don’t believe in God. 1. You’re holding on to that Bible pretty tight. 2. This Bible was the first book ever written. It represents the dawn of the Age of Reason. If western civilization fails, then, I’m going to save at least one little piece of it.

1. Where’d you store the Arctic gear? 2. You can’t make it to New York, Jack. 1. I’ve walked that far before in the snow. 2. This is not the same, Jack, this is NOT the same!

1. You know, they say the odds of a plane going down from turbulence is one in a billion…or is that a million?

1. You’re supposed to be on a bus heading south. 2. I’ve been watching your back for 20 years, you think i’d let you go without me? 1. And all this time, I thought I was watching your back.

1.-operating drill- You see how it’s done! 2. Yeah, I think I got the hang of it. 1. You better! The boss’ll chew my ass off if these cords get messed up.

I think we’ve hit a critical desalinization point!

Hey guys? There’s a whole section here on tax law that we can burn.

Human beings are the most resourceful creatures on earth. We suvived the last ice age, we’re certainly capable of surviving this one. It just all depends on weather or not we’re able to learn from our mistakes.

I’d say you lost your mind, but you’ve been this way the past 20 years.

It’s been raining like this for three days…


Lucky we got our own ginny, and enough tea and biscuits to sink a ship. Oh, we’ll be fine, as long as the loo doesn’t back up again.

Mr. Vice-President, if you don’t act now, it’s going to be too late!


None of you know how to navigate worth a damn, without me, you’ll end up in Cleveland.

That bus just got DROPPED on top of that Porsche! Oh, I hope no one was in that car!

The whole damn shelf is breaking off!!!

There’s always something to eat in the garbage.

This party is so retro, it might actually be cool if it was on purpose.

We can’t evacuate half the country because one scientist thinks the climate is shifting!

We’re not going to last long on M&M’s and potato chips.

What you are seeing are two tornadoes striking Los Angeles International Airport, wait, it looks like they formed into one large tornado.

You can’t burn books!

You have to think about large-scale evacuations RIGHT NOW, especially in the northern states.

[From the Trailer] 10,000 years ago, one storm changed the face of our planet. On May 28 2004, It will happen again.

~forecast~ A low pressure system moving along the California coastline is creating a cyclotic system in the L.A basin.

~newscast~ At the moment, we have flooding in most parts of the Island. We have traffic snarl-ups because the electricity is now out to almost every part of Manhattan, no traffic signals, car accidents: at least 200, and lower Manhattan, we’ve been told is virtually inaccessible.

~newscast~ In Nova Scotia today, the ocean rose by 25 feet. What we have feared the last few days has indeed happened. The cold front moving down from the Arctic has created an enormous storm system, which incredible as it sounds, looks more like a tropical hurricane. If this system moves south, we could see a wind-driven storm surge that could threaten the entire eastern seaboard.

~newscast~ It’s a mobscene here at Grand Central Station, half the platforms are flooded and service has been suspended on all trains. 1. I’m going to pick up my little brother, do you want a ride to the train station? 2. Not anymore.

~newscast~ The FAA has suspended all air traffic across the United States, unfortunately, the order came too late for two planes brought down by serious turbulence in the Midwest. 1. So much for one in a billion.

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