Movie Quotes from Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys, The: Quotes from the movie Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys, The

All of that kissing must have made your cheeks stronger

But make no mistake, the culprits will be fingered. I will finger the culprits.

ding fucking dung the bitch is dead

Forgive me, Father, for I am 14.

Francis: Not everyone has to make up trouble for themselves, just so they’re not bored!
Tim: At least I’m doing something. What are you doing, Francis? What exactly do you do?…. Have you done anything with Margie yet?
Francis: You don’t know anything about that!
Tim: Oh, so you haven’t done anything with Margie. Maybe I’ll just write her another note, so that you can have a lot more time doing shit like this!!!

Hey guys, there’s a bone in your penis! that’s why its called a boner!!!

Hey it’s the altar boys….here to get altered?

No one is coming for this dog, I hope you realize that. No one who passed not even the guy who hit it, I hope you realize that. Don’t you ever tell me to get real, I know what fucking real is

NO one was coming for that dog. I hope you realize that. Dont you ever tell me to get real! I know what real is.

serious trouble beats serious boredom

Thats a very thoughtful question

tiger, tiger burning bright
in the forest of the night
what immortal hand or eye
did frame thy fearful symmetry?

Tim: Seems like the Perfect spot for deciding what you really want in life
Francis: My own comic book, bigger than anything.
Tim: No I’m talking about what you want right now, like revenge on the one legged bitch in black and white
Tim: Shit. I knew it, Margie Flynn

When I look at you it’s hard to breathe.

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