Movie Quotes from Cruel Intentions 2: Quotes from the movie Cruel Intentions 2

1) Well if you can’t beat ’em…
2) Who says you can’t beat ’em?

And maybe one day, you’ll realize that they are human beings!!

Danielle: Why is i aroiund here people ony care about money? Sherri: Becaue it’s cool

I just got the new Hanson album!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

If You Hate Your Mom So Much Why Do You Try So Hard To Be Just Like Her???

keep your friends close and your enemies closer

My pussy, silly!

Oh my god! I ate a crouton…BLEH!!!

Two’s company, but three’s a fuckload of fun.

We pay them for their service, not for their respect!!!

You know what they say about incest…

you’re dick’ll be in my mouth, by lunch.

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