Movie Quotes from Crooklyn: Quotes from the movie Crooklyn

1) I’m calling the police on you! 2) Why don’t you let the police in and see how you live, you stinking pig?

1)dame beso. 2)dejame. 1)dame beso 2)dejame ugly 1)i’ll tell ya mother 2)tella

1,2,3 The devil’s after me, 4-5-6 he’s always throwing sticks, 7-8-9 he misses every time, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Amen.

1- I’m hungry. 2- Too bad. The Kitchen is closed.

Ain’t you ever heard crickets before?

All the calcium in the world ain’t gonna make up for this nasty taste.

Heaven’s to vegetables! I’ve been squashed.

I ain’t no Puta! I’m Connie, I keep my panty clean!

It’s a shame that my children can’t even sit out of their front step without having to smell the pungent odor of dog shit coming out of your house.

Man, I’d rather have a father than a mother any day.

No TV on a School night!



Red, red pees in the bed

Shut up, you evil, flat-chested wench.

That’s why i took those funny lookin nickels of yours also!

This ain’t no plantation!

We got to get some grub nigga!

You let some girl take my money, our groceries and our food stamps?! Girl, I oughta beat you my own damn self!

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