Movie Quotes from Crocodile Dundee II: Quotes from the movie Crocodile Dundee II

‘I loved that bitch… and he betrayed me!’ … ‘He?’

‘You dig?’ … ‘Yep.. that part of the job? Diggin’?’

‘You shot Walter!’ … ‘I only nicked him…’

(Talking to his thing) ‘You okay there buddy?’

(Whirring noise in the background) 1. What the hell is that? 2. Uh, thats the call of the uh, Jarra Jarra bird.

1) *speaks in foreign language* 2) No, mate…we just hold them. 3) What did he say? 2) He wants to know if we’re allowed to eat these men.

1) What do you think your chances are of getting outta here with that jacket on? 2) *throws a knife at the guy, which embeds itself in the guy’s mohawk* Better than average. 1) Yeah, I can live with that.

1. See, the Aborigines, they can find their way in the dark. They just ‘feel’ where things are. *loud crack* 2. (in distance) Ah, bloody tree!

1/_Does that taste good?
2/_[eating a fried bat] Nahh, needs garlic

A: What did you do last night? B: We didn’t do NOTHIN’! A: Well, tomorrow, if someone asks you that question, you can say ‘We didn’t do nothin’ or you can say ‘We helped a maniac storm a fortress.’

Crap magic.

G’day Amigo, Take your pants off.

I don’t need a gun. I’ve got a donk.

I told you… BLACK… MAGIC.

If Mick wants his bloody clothes he can go down there and get ’em his bloody self.

It is not wise to annoy me. Bob Tanner did, and I had his head blown off like that… and if your Mick screws this up… *clicks fingers*

Mick sure is lucky that you can’t shoot straight, Walt.

Mick… I gotta split.


Over-easy thanks Mick

So this (name) likes to play games, huh? Maybe tomorrow we can show him some good games.


The girl’s gotta die. But no one touches Dundee… he’s for me.

There’s nothing wrong with the food, it’s the company.

This man can take us any time he wants to…

This man thinks like me…

You got a fork?

You want me to lead them to Jaba Point?

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