Movie Quotes from Coupe de Ville: Quotes from the movie Coupe de Ville

1/_He said he’s not gunna throw… if he said he’s not gunna throw up then he’s not gunna throw up!
2/_I’m gunna throw up!

1/_How long’s it been… 3 years??
2/_Maybe five…
3/_Between three to five years

1/_If you wanna hate me, FINE! hate me after Sunday, after we deliver the car!
2/_Don’t tell me when to hate you, Marvin, I hate you all the fuckin’ time!
1/_I don’t give a shit!
2/_Maybe if you gave a shit, I wouldn’t hate ya!!!

1/_Swallow, Buddy…!!!, swallow!!!!
2/_Does that really work…, because you do realise that you’re swallowing your own throw up, don’t you?

1/_You want some fruit?
2/_I don’t like fruit
1/_It’s good for ya
2/_I don’t like fruit… if I liked fruit and it was bad for me I would eat it, if I liked it, which I don’t…. you got a necterine there?

*We all got together*…. it’s not about the car, I don’t give a damn about the car,…. understand?

C’mon Buddy, get up…. Bobby, get down!!!

don’t tell me when to hate you marvin! i hate you all the f****n time!

It’s not a hump song, and it’s not a dance song, it’s a sea shanty!

Laughing is the shortest distance between two people.

Louie Louie__by__The 4 Kinsmen

Pop died that winter… but not before he made his point. Me and Buddy and Bobby, we all get together, for holidays; birthdays; kids ballgames, and that’s because of Pop….. by the way… Louie Louie, it IS a sea-shanty

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