Movie Quotes from Counterfeit Traitor, The: Quotes from the movie Counterfeit Traitor, The

–I’m here to ask you one question: Would you like to get off the blacklist?
–Well, naturally.

–If I don’t help, I lose my self-respect. Haven’t you opposed something because it’s wrong, mortally wrong?
–I suffer for them, but not with them.

–What’s this?
–It’s cyanide. In case you get caught.

A little graft, it seemed, could open more doors than a passkey.

But you’re ruining my reputation for being generous and gallant.

Collins, I always thought that oil was a dirty business without scruples.

Collins, I always thought that oild was a dirty business without scruples.

Ever since I met you, I’ve wondered what they have on you. The Allies, I mean. They’ve told me if I don’t work for them, I lose my business.

He’s the Antichrist. I’m a Christian.

I try to be a Christian, I never hoped to be a saint.

Oil will undoubtedly be one of the deciding factors of this war.

Perhaps you might have to spend time in developing a little character…or the lack of it.

The most amazing combination of intelligence and stupidity.

There hasn’t been a welcome like this since Lindbergh landed in Paris.

Very early, he told me I was one in a million. I discovered he was telling the truth.

You can read about a hundred atrocities, hear about a thousand, but you only have to see one.

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