Movie Quotes from Copycat: Quotes from the movie Copycat

(1) Do you remember what she looked like? (2) Yes. She looked like a girl. She looked like a million other girls. Ok?

(1) How do you connect them? (2) Oh I don’t know, 20 years of experience and having serial killers on the brain

(1) I miss men (2) Oh and what am I chopped liver? (1) you know what I mean – I miss sex

(1) She’s agorophobic (2) She’s afraid of spider’s too?

(1) So you followed the girl home, and then what? (2) I killed her (1) Where did you do that? (2) It was in the bathub (1) why did you do that? (2) She was dirty. She was a very dirty girl, very dirty (1) So do you remember how many times you stabbed her? (2) Eighty-seven (1) Harvey? (2) Yeah? (1) Get the f**k outta here – I’ve got work to do

(1) The good news is, you’re still alive (2) Oh and you see a downside to that?

(1) You’re one pushy broad M.J. (2) I’ll take that as a compliment sir

A junkie? In a full on S.W.A.T. suit?

Allthe gentlemen in the room, please indulge me for a minute

Consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds

Dear Conrad,___ Thank you for your letter. Well praise the Lord, I know you must be so happy to hear that *He* chose to spare Dr. Hudson’s life. The big guy moves in mysterious ways, don’t he? Now it just so happens that I am awaiting the arrival of a pair of genuine Helen Hudson undies marked personal to me, a real collectors item, I’m sure you will note… they’re yours. But don’t forget, a disciple must be strong if he is to succeed where others fail. Peter strayed from the path and the Lord smote him good. So keep it simple, then glory is yours and vengence is mine, as the Good Book says… I know you’ll get my meaning.______ Happy huntin’ partner_______ Darryl Lee Cullum

Did anyone ever catch the Zodiac, sir, or did he die of old age?

Did you know, Helen… that more book have been written about Jack The Ripper than Abraham Lincoln???…. it’s a sick world, Helen

Do I shoot ‘im or stick ‘im, Doc… shoot ‘im or stick ‘im… shoot ‘im or stick ‘im…shoot ‘im or stick ‘im???

Do you hear me?!

Go on – go back to your silly little computers

Hey wait a minute…what’s this quarter pounder with cheese doin’ in my pocket?

I don’t give a f**k – that’s the upside of having a nervous brakedown

I don’t want to get excited about a good set of latents and find out their yours

I know all about you, you’re a second-rate boring impotent little copycat!

I think the man who has killed five women in this city was just in your apartment

I’m death and life to you, Doc…. death and life

I’m the fucking MUSE of serial killers!

It’s Berkowitz isn’t it? He’s doing Son of Sam

Look in the crowd… Berkowitz use to hang around and watch the police work

Murder by Numbers_ by_ The Police

Serial killers are not a 20th century invention

That is one strange ranger

The FBI estimates that there could be as many as 35 serial killers cruising for victims even as I speak. All right, guys, you better sit down. You’re scaring me!

The state of Florida spent $8,000,000 to execute Ted Bundy

Very witty our guy!

What do I do? Do I stick her or shoot her? Shoot her or stick her? Huh? Come on, doc, help me out.

What really turns on a serial killer is the suffering and death of another human being

What’re you doin’ with my gun? And what’re you doin’ in the ladies room?

Would you mind putting the tape player on for a second? Helen thinks it may be the Partridge Family.

You bloodied up my knife you dawg

you can just pop her in the brachial nerve

your squirrel covers, doc

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